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Icon Field Armor Compression Body Armor

The new motorcycle season is coming soon, many have already begun to prepare for the summer, planning trips, changing their motorcycle or updating their equipment. Icon has released new body protection that you might have missed. It’s time to take a closer look, because with a suite of cutting edge materials, this is a worthy proposition for the coming season.

When we talk about body protection worn under basic clothing, many people think of the turtle. At the same time, users who refuse it, operate mainly with the same argument – the turtle constrains movement and limits the amplitude. Many people think so, because the overwhelming number of turtles have rigid inserts and even with a hinge system, motorcyclists call it bulky. Although it is foolish to deny the benefits of using a turtle.

Do the experts think about how to make the protection of the body as mobile and comfortable as possible, without sacrificing the level of its safety?

Having D3O protective inserts, the emergence of new equipment that fits snugly to the body, is not angularly bulky and does not take away freedom of movement – a matter of time. Icon decided the moment had come.

The series of compression protection features inserts made of materials such as Kevlar and Stretch HYDRADRY, while the flexible and obedient D3O inserts ensure safety in case of impact accidents.

The entire Field Armor range features an anatomical cut and smooth seams that resist chafing when worn.

Icon has worked hard to offer something new.

The Field Armor ™ shirt consists of a poly-elastic, quick-drying Stretch HYDRADRY mesh, Kevlar panels and D30 impact panels that are located on vulnerable parts of the body: chest, back, elbows, shoulders.

HYDRADRY allows you to effectively remove moisture and regulate heat transfer. Kevlar will protect the body if it falls into a slipper.

A compression shirt is worn under a motorcycle jacket, possibly under a jersey.

The Field Armor Compression Pants are made from stretchy PU and reinforced panels made from Kevlar fiber. The D30 protectors are located here on the hips, knees, tailbone and buttocks. The location of the inserts is interpreted by anatomical features and the results of traumatic statistics. Stretch HYDRADRY is responsible for sweat removal and thermoregulation. Kevlar is resistant to abrasion, which will extend the life of the equipment.

Compression pants are designed to be worn under trousers or jeans.

The Field Armor Compression Knee Pads are made of poly-elastic mesh and Kevlar fiber inserts. Impact resistant D30 panels protect the knee joint.

The Field Armor Compression Elbow Pads feature D30 inserts that protect your elbows and biceps. They are constructed from poly-elastic mesh and additional Kevlar panels that frame the joint to protect the most vulnerable part of the bend.

Another feature of the Field Armor series is the compression equipment helps to reduce tension in the rider’s muscles.

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