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Icon Glow-in-the-Dark Modern Helmets

The choice of a motorcycle helmet largely depends on the personal preference of the owner. In addition to the advantages of the models – weight, quality of materials, type of helmet – the aesthetic side is also important to users. Many people choose a motorcycle helmet in a set of equipment or in the color of the motorcycle, so the originality of the design matters.

Colors with elements of phosphorescent pigments that glow in the dark are considered extravagant. You want to stand out from the gray mass even at dusk, and curiosities involuntarily catch your eye. Owners of motorcycle helmets can buy a ready-made version with a luminous pattern or make it on their own, for example, using additional spray paint through a stencil.

Fans of solid colors can use the external electroluminescent glowing elements – stylish and innovative. They would have charged themselves … from the sun … Nevertheless, such jewelry has fans. On Icon helmets, the electroluminescent add-ons look great!

Some craftsmen even correlate the color of the inserts with the motorcycle lighting. Why not? But let’s not deviate from the topic.

If there is no desire to chew with paint and introduce any other technologies besides a headset or headphones, then you should know that Icon has been experimenting in this direction for a long time. Each time the manufacturer comes up with new design options – bright, bold, modern. Models compare favorably with competitors by the presence of luminous elements of the pattern.

Icon Airform Illuminatus

Are you looking at him or is he at you? Helmet, available in two shocking colors – green and pink. The convenient and functional integral has a polycarbonate shell. The user will appreciate the removable lining of quick-drying Hydradry material and integrated sunglasses. The visor is provided with anti-fog and Prolock system.

In the dark, his eyes do not disappear, so the helmet retains its “pop-eyed” nature.

Icon Variant Pro Willy Pete

Icon Variant helmets are loved by the public for their reliability and wide visibility. The shockproof and tough shell is made up of a combination of fiberglass, dyneema and carbon fiber. Multi-channel ventilation is presented in the form of eight air intakes and two outlets. Among the pleasant bonuses here are the transparent and tinted Variant Pro optical visors with anti-fogging.

During the day, it is a catchy dynamic design.

And at night this is a kind of textured guy.

Icon airflite synthwave

A motorcycle helmet for those who love retro-futurism and the spirit of video games from the past. Take the remote and join the race! The helmet has a molded polycarbonate shell with integrated sunglasses and a fog-free FliteShield visor.

An affordable and reliable motorcycle helmet that will look colorful in the urban slums of any metropolis.

During the day, the helmet looks like it came off the covers of game consoles. But when it gets dark, the electrical force manifests itself in it in the form of lightning and small details of drawing.

Icon Airmada TL

A model that has already been discontinued, but is found on the motorcycle helmet market. The version of a rock and roll player who lives on its own wave. The fact that it is no longer produced does not in any way diminish its protective characteristics.

Here we see a molded polycarbonate shell. There are no built-in glasses, but there is a quick-release transparent Fog-Free Icon Optics visor with anti-fog protection and a Prolock system. Like other models, there is a branded lining made of quick-drying Hydradry material, which is responsible for the user’s comfort.

During the day, he challenges society, and at night he shows his wings and bright sides to everyone who is left behind.

Each helmet is certified, which is confirmed by special signs that can be seen from the back. Let me remind you that Icon has several certifications, which means that the helmet has been tested for compliance with quality standards more than once.

A moment of nostalgia

There are also Icon helmets in the aftermarket. No wonder. Some owners want a more recent model, so they sell a previous helmet that might still serve someone else. And someone met early models glowing in the dark and wanted a similar option.

Let’s name a few “oldies” from Icon, out of production, just for information, if you suddenly meet a brother on the road.

Icon airmada chainbrain

Icon Airmada Sensory

Icon Airmada Hoodoo

Icon – Airmada Thriller

Icon airmada charmer

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