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Icon Hypersport Suit motorcycle overalls – why are they so good?

Icon has enough interesting security features. Many people know this equipment as one of the most comfortable, thoughtful and affordable for urban riders, but among other things, Icon has a proposal for fans of advanced sportsbike.

What is special about the Icon Hypersport Suit?

At the moment, there are two types of overalls: white and black. The one-piece racing suit is the first jumpsuit tested and certified under the new prEN 17092-2: 2017 gear standard AAA CE.

The leather jumpsuit features TracSpec material, which is 1.1–1.3 mm thick. Such leather corresponds to the class of professional expensive track suits, which is already an application for success and an above average level.

Compliance with anatomical features is achieved by inserts that stretch in four directions. Traditional for track suits “accordion” or as they are also called “accordion panels” allow the suit to fit tightly around the body and not hinder movement.

In general, the cut of the moto overalls folds into an aggressive sports fit, for which patterns with curved contours of arms and legs have already been prepared, focusing on the needs of professional pilots.

Neoprene wrists and ankles are designed for comfortable use and reduce the volume of cuffs for long gloves or high boots. Everything according to the laws of motorsport.

What else? Of course, the aerodynamic hump, created according to the canons of safety and stylized according to the Icon’s design rules. Sometimes consultants are asked what is the point of a hump? I dare to remind that it protects the motorcyclist during a fall, so as not to wring the head and fatal neck injury. By the way, the manufacturer reminds that the hump is made of urethane thermoplastic.

Hypersport coveralls include a full range of D3O protectors on the shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees – a must-have standard that rescues during falls. It is now impossible to imagine Icon equipment without D3O protective inserts.

The Hypersport Suit has a chic level of ventilation due to the perforated inserts. The manufacturer boldly declares that the motorcycle suit will be able to protect the pilot both in hot and cold weather.

Removable nylon knee pads should be added to the above advantages. With a ride under the knee, the option is quite reasonable.

To summarize all of the above:

The manufacturer has been preparing for a long time in order to present to motorcyclists a new format of its equipment, namely motorcycle suits, which can compete, fighting for the quality and protection of the motorcyclist. The models turned out to be interesting from the point of view of technology, successful in the selection of materials. It takes into account the basic needs of motorcycle riders, from the anatomy of the fit of the sportbike to the perforations and removable parts. Plus, Icon’s unchanging styling is still recognizable at first glance.

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