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Icon medallion: superstition, gimmick or marketing?

The modern world is so practical and technological that there is no longer any room for a miracle, because there is always a skeptic to insert his 5 kopecks. The question of faith is purely personal, but in the 21st century there are a lot of atheists or agnostics. Although, whatever one may say, after the first serious accident, you begin to reexamine your views on the world and your own skills, to believe in “lucky chance” and four-leaf clover.

Superstition is common among motorcyclists, even if they do not admit it, as well as among athletes, doctors, pilots and many others. Some people have rituals ranging from “saying hello to the motorcycle” to landing in a certain way. Many superstitions and omens have quite logical grounds. So, for example, the fit is determined by the location of the side stand, it is strange to call it superstition. The fall of the helmet is, in principle, unpleasant, unnecessary scratches and all that, it is not surprising that this is attributed to “bad signs”. All around they write about barking dogs, running cats and crashing birds, from which no one is insured, and if insured, then you see an extremely suspicious guy!

But there are other, much more interesting points about superstition! Have you ever noticed … the bell on the motorcycle footpegs? I didn’t pay attention before, but when I began to look closely at some heavy motorcycles, I noticed.

But this, too, will take superstition from the category. They say the bell scares away evil spirits, and if something happened to you along the way, then the ringing of your bell will surely be heard by friends and motorbrothers. Therefore, motorcycle bells are a kind of tribute to brotherhood and mutual assistance on the roads. The system works, by the way, if the bell is donated by someone. Like, he bought it for himself – it doesn’t count, what kind of brotherhood is it then?

Medallions by Icon

You bought yourself a new jacket from Icon, all so stylish and serious. You start fumbling in your pockets, you get to the inner left .. what is this? Pocket in your pocket? What do you expect to find in the secret pocket of your new jacket? The manufacturer put St. Christopher’s medallion there! This is where some of the motorcyclists are confused. For people with simple outlooks on life, this causes a tender smile and joy. There are those who, according to their views, do not approve of such gifts, later they cut off the amulet. It’s always funny to watch pragmatists who have a cognitive dissonance at such moments: why does a manufacturer of high-tech equipment add a CHARM to the kit?

Icon fans are aware of this distinctive feature because no one else does it! But why?

A minute of history

On the medallion we see a man with a staff, on whose shoulders a child is sitting. Around the image there is an inscription: saint christopher protect us – Saint Christopher, protect us.

Saint Christopher is considered the patron saint of travelers, but why? According to history, Christopher wanted to serve the greatest king until he came to the issue of serving God. The hermit advised him to help travelers cross the dangerous river as a service to the Creator. One day, a boy approached Christopher and asked to be taken to the other side. In the middle of the river, the boy’s weight became unimaginable! The path turned out to be difficult, but Christopher carried Jesus to the other side. And then there are interpretations, but the meaning remains the same. Christopher was surprised at the weight of the boy, they say, and the world does not weigh as much as this young man. And Jesus replied that he carried not only the world, but also the sins of the whole world with the child.

Thus, Saint Christopher turned out to be the patron saint of travelers, as Saint Nicholas in our culture.

Icon’s own opinion

As for the comments, Icon does not really extend to that score. The manufacturer refers to the traditional attitude of people to such things, to wish good luck on the way, like our phrase “well with God.” At the same time, they do not explain their decision in more detail. They’ve put an element of luck into their gear, just accept this cute gift!

Icon proves its commitment to style and thoughtful detail even in the looks and thoughts that their clients may have. Nicely. Some people see this as a marketing ploy, because people who know the secret of the inner left pocket still look for a medallion in jackets when they choose a new model. Is it a trick? From the part.

Where to find the medallion?

If you didn’t know that Icon deliberately makes gifts and rushed to check your medallion, then pay attention:

  • Medallions can be found in jackets and vests
  • Not only in leather, but also in textile
  • You need a left inner pocket with a smaller one
  • The medallion is located on the chest near the heart, which is also symbolic

Icon works too well on its outfit not to embellish it with a detail that will leave no one indifferent. Whether having a medallion is a superstition or a marketing trick is up to you. But one thing I can say for sure: it was done for a reason!

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