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Icon Motorcycle Gloves – New for Spring 2020

What will protect the hands of a motorcyclist from rain, wind and shock, small stones or insects coming from the road? That protects the hands during a fall, because a person rests on his palms and tries to brake them to stop sliding on the asphalt. Of course – motorcycle gloves! Manufacturers care about the comfort and safety of motorcyclists and are constantly developing new products.

We talked about what kind of motorcycle gloves are and how to choose them in the articles:

Icon this spring has delighted its fans with updates and gloves as well. Let’s take a look at what interesting things can be found on store shelves this spring?


Hooligan summer gloves that work well in warm weather and boast a top-of-the-line selection of materials. Look at the composition: here are palms made of wear-resistant Ax Laredo material. This is the first reason to pay attention to them. It is not for nothing that this high-quality material is used in equipment more and more often to replace genuine leather. Hi-Flow mesh side panels make the glove comfortable to ride in hot weather.

An additional nice bonus is the presence of the Touchscreen function on the index and thumb, which means that you do not need to take off your gloves to operate your smartphone.

TPR Hook and Loop wrist and curved fingers for better anatomical fit and rider comfort.

The model is available in seven colors.


Models familiar to many and beloved by urban motorcyclists have been added to their lineup.

These are leather gloves crafted with premium Battlehide goatskin – supple and soft. Combined with high-flow punching, the model is a good option for riding in warm weather.

The knuckles are protected by a thermoplastic plate. On the wrists, we see a TPR clasp and curved fingers.

The gloves are well complemented by the Touchscreen function, which is certainly important for motorcyclists.

The model is available in two versions and is visually completed with the Icon logo.

Decent outdoor gloves are created using modern materials – a combination of textiles and goat leather. Here, too, there are palm grips from Ax Laredo. The gloves are breathable and therefore suitable for riding in warm weather. The arm is protected by the D3O® Knuckle Insert floating knuckle.

The glove is secured to the wrists with a Hook & Loop fastener. The model has a curved cut. Gloves fit snugly and fit well on the hand.

Available in four colors.

Long textile and warm gloves. The cutting edge Ax Laredo material is back in the palm of your hand Have you also noticed that it is now being used more and more often, in places most prone to friction?

The taped seams and the Hipora ™ liner are responsible for water repellency. Pay attention to the fastener, which additionally protects the hand from moisture getting under the glove. Warm, dry and comfortable – this is how a motorcyclist will feel in these gloves.

Plus, the low-profile D3O® Knuckle Insert protects your knuckles.

Icon does not stop working on equipment and once again shows its professionalism.

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