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Icon Patrol 2 Waterproof Review

Having skated for almost a year in Icon Patrol 2, I would like to tell you about these wonderful bots in detail.

First, about the agony of choosing boots for traveling to the city

The main criterion was convenience, since finding ordinary shoes under my feet is already a problem. In the background were adequate protection within the framework of the exit to the city and a pleasant appearance.

Special thanks to friends who suggested in which direction to look and which companies are better to ignore right away.

It is no secret that the assortment on the market is large, and the range of prices is high. Therefore, it was decided to focus on a certain price segment in the range of 14-18 thousand rubles (2019).

Having bypassed almost all major motorcycle stores in Moscow, having tried everything from motorcycle sneakers to heavy running boots, the choice fell on my current Icon Patrol 2.

The model has the most positive reviews both on the Internet and from friends. They are suitable for people with flat feet and do not cause discomfort if you have a high instep like mine.

The size grid converges 1 in 1 with regular shoes, which is nice.

The manufacturer identifies several characteristics to which we will turn our close gaze:

EN 13634: 2015 certification – says little to an ordinary person, and reinforced cross-country boots and motorcycle sneakers pass this certification. In short, the boots have passed tests that include abrasion resistance, penetration resistance, lateral rigidity, impact protection.

With me, the boots survived the slipping of 10-13 meters and remained alive and well, but the jeans were frayed.

In addition, once at a traffic light, I was pressed with my foot directly to the motorcycle, when I was just taking my foot off the footboard – there was a slight scratch on my boots, my ankle ached for a couple of days. Some kind of sneakers would have ended in a fracture.

Tectuff leather material …

But the main material is textiles, which are very wear-resistant.

Waterproofing – The most interesting. I got into the rain – my feet were dry, I walked through puddles – my feet were dry. Out of interest, I dipped it into a bowl of water for 5 minutes at the level of a typical hole on the street – the paper and the insole are dry inside.

If you tuck jeans or overalls into them, water can get through the top in the rain and nothing will save you here. If you wear like me – jeans over boots – everything is good and dry.

Width – on my very large and wide leg they sit like a glove. People with narrow feet will feel uncomfortable, the foot will be too loose in the shoe.

Flexibility – here the manufacturer is not lying, they are really ergonomic, flexible and comfortable to walk in. Due to the flexible adjustment of the lacing, they can be easily relaxed or, on the contrary, tightened to your comfort level.

Once I forgot to change shoes at home and had to walk in these boots all day – I generally remembered that I had motorboots on my feet only when I started looking for them in order to change shoes. And the leg does not sweat as they are light and summer.

Ankle protection D3O – as I said above, there is protection and it came in handy. Yes, it is not as strong and tough as in cross-country boots, but in the city, such protection is not particularly needed.

Plastic heel – certainly not as good as metal heel and toe protectors. There is a choice here: either oak boots, in which it is impossible to walk even a couple of meters, or comfortable boots, in which you almost feel like in ordinary shoes.

Fast lacing – a pleasant, practical, highly customizable system. From the pros – you can quickly and easily tighten or relax the boot. But a couple of times the “system” opened itself – either I pulled it over, or it flew off by itself.

The rubber pads for the speed foot are apparently made so as not to spoil the texture of the shoe, but in practice they are not particularly needed.

As urban boots, the Patrol 2 is the best option for me. Lightweight, comfortable, they don’t look like cheap plastic and after a walk in them at the gas station there is no desire to take them off as soon as possible. Well, the price / quality ratio pleases – it probably won’t work more practical for that kind of money.

Yes, protection has suffered for the sake of comfort. They do not properly protect from a broken leg, but the leg itself in them does not fall over and break so easily.

The sole does not roll on asphalt, does not slip on sand and small stones. However, it quickly deteriorates from aggressive footpegs such as the one found on the Suzuki dr-z400 sm.

For 2 seasons of active use, except for the lacing system that opened a couple of times, there were no problems.

After rolling in them for 7-8 hours in a row, the leg does not get tired, does not become numb (of course, if you do not tighten the lacing too tight) and does not sweat.

Since they are light, they are cool at the beginning of the season, but even at a temperature of 6-7 degrees and rain, the leg does not freeze and does not lose sensitivity.

I can safely recommend it to both newcomers, first-seasons, and people who are looking for comfort for their feet in the city while riding a motorcycle.

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