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Icon Timax – feel like a dark knight

Living legend of the Icon company. The two most acclaimed lines in Icon are the premium vintage Icon 1000 and Timax series.

“Icon 1000 – an incredible level of style and quality”

Why is Icon Timax still at the top? What kind of protection does Icon from the Timax series offer and in addition to it at the moment?

The bottom line is that old-timers, fans and haters (where can we do without antagonists) Icon remember the series in different variations, even colors. For modern times, this is primarily leather with textile inserts and titanium in a laconic design, but if you look at the primary sources, it turns out that under the Timax series of early generations you can find textiles and perforated textiles in a slightly different way.

Icon Timax basic set consists of:

  • Motorcycle jacket
  • Trousers
  • Gloves

Let’s take a look at each element separately.

The updated version of the motorcycle jacket is familiar to us from the characteristic image of black leather with titanium inserts. Perforated inclusions brighten up its functionality, adding comfort. The decision to place the perforation in the Icon lettering on the chest still delights the jacket users! The cut of the jacket makes it more anatomically fit. Many people note the painstaking study of the shoulders.

The SatinCore lining, which is responsible for thermoregulation, deserves special attention. It is often referred to as a vest lining. It is removable, which in turn is also a nice bonus.

A complete D3O protection kit is not that the company does not trust titanium, but there is never too much protection, the standards require maximum equipment. And then, let’s be even – titanium in a motorcycle jacket plays far from the first role, it is rather a reference to the original source and loyalty to the idea of ​​the series. The main burden of protecting the owner falls on the D3O.

The users of the jacket only have questions about their pockets, the capabilities of which do not meet all expectations and needs. Real tourists always have few pockets or their capacity.

Many people want to see additional zippers, especially on the sleeves. The long cut of the jacket protects the back. There is controversy among users about traditional belts, like classic leather bikers, or belt loops so that the jacket does not bulge. The fact is that in the modern version of the Icon Timax jacket, the waist is adjusted by means of belts with a button. In Icon’s eyes, the modern dark knight is already more urbanized, and the belt, like the biker jackets around the waist, was left for other models.

It would be more correct to call them a hybrid, an alloy of motorcycle jeans and motorcycle pants. The model is mostly made of textiles, has really nice inserts that allow the model to hug the pilot and not give the wind a reason to inconvenience you. The most common feedback about them lies precisely in their excellent fit to the body. The design decision in materials and cut allows the pilot the freedom of movement that motorcyclists lack so much, without skimping on protection. Of course, along with the motorcycle pants, we see the D3O protection.

In terms of style, the pants are made in motorcycle jeans format due to the aforementioned urbanization of the protagonist, but they are more than motorcycle jeans. Modern knights, according to Icon Timax, storm the city peaks. And waterproofing motorcycle jeans will allow you to “get out of the water”, because this is what real heroes do!

Perhaps the most famous piece of Icon gear! Who has not dreamed of gloves with a reference to chivalry? In such gloves, only the cavalry is missing or the sword is on the belt. Comic book fans are already joking that Icon has its own version of the Infinity Glove. Still would!

Seriously now: Icon Timax has a short (Icon Timax short motorcycle gloves) and a long version (Icon Timax long motorcycle gloves). They are both excellent.

We talked about gloves in the article: “Motorcycle gloves – for what purposes and what models can they be?”

Both those and others have a mobile protection system. Many people worry about hand motility with so many titanium inserts. However, even with the added weight of the plates, motor skills do not suffer so much that they refuse to buy. Gloves have a decent level of functionality with powerful protection.

By the way, have you ever wondered how the light from streetlights or oncoming cars plays on the Icon Timax inserts? The range features reflective YKK zippers.

It remains only to choose the long or short gloves you need.

What does the manufacturer recommend in addition to Icon Timax?

In order not to violate all the beauty and logic of the series, the company gives hateful advice for those who want to complement their range of equipment.

The helmets for Icon Timax in the offer have something in common with the Icon 1000 line and the first ones that you will be advised will be:

Icon Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon Helmet Black Matt

Icon Alliance Dark Rubatone black matte motorcycle helmet

What if I’m a pilot, I love Timax, but I’m hot in a jacket or I want to ride without it? Back to the idea of ​​summer riding in a turtle Icon Stryker Rig Turtle or Icon Stryker Vest Protective Vest.

I want to pick up motoboots that will not fall out of the image, while not losing in the level of protection, what is the first measure? Depends on the pants, but as an option why not start with the Icon Patrol 2 Waterproof black motorcycle boots.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the Icon Timax series is not in vain. A long-liver and a gem of the company, it still arouses enthusiastic glances from passers-by who only dream of equipment with titanium inserts or do not even know that the dark knights are among us and anyone can become one!

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