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Icon visors – be stylish in any weather!

Is a motorcycle a lifestyle or just a means of transportation? A question that torments so many people. For Icon, the answer is clear: the rider must be visible, stylish and personal, even hiding his face behind the helmet visor. Once upon a time, among the visors one could find only transparent and darkened ones, today the choice of visors is quite wide. Let’s talk about this.

What is a visor in a modern motorcycle helmet?

The visor, like the helmet itself, is a technically sophisticated piece of protection for the pilot. The primary task of the visor is to provide the rider with perfect visibility. The more modern the model of your helmet, the more possibilities for the visor it opens up. Easy replacement systems such as Rapid Release for Icon Optics visors.

Many visors include a pinlock. Yes, the very membrane that protects the visor from fogging. Here it is very useful to recall the cunning photochromic pinlocks Proshield, which react to sunlight and darken at this difficult moment for the driver’s eyes.

The visors of motorcycle helmets are required to meet quality standards in many respects, but ordinary people are primarily concerned about:

  • Strength. Wind Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Impact Resistant, Bend Resistant, Impact Resistant
  • Optical properties. Transparency, sun protection and maximum reflection of reality without distortion by the optical lens

In terms of durability, the visor’s response to impact will not be unimportant. A good visor is the maximum – it will crack or transfer energy to the side mounts, which can simply snap off if the impact is outrageous. The situation when the visor begins to crumble after impact is unacceptable. The visor should not crumble under any circumstances! Otherwise, debris can enter the eyes and seriously injure the rider. Because of this, the engineers of the motorcycle world struggle with the composition of visor materials more fiercely every year. Therefore, factories use a specialized type of plastics as materials. In darkened visors, the glass comes from the conveyor tinted, this is not a film, you do not need to try to remove what is not.

Visor as a tuning tool

Icon is rightfully considered one of the most advanced companies that cares about reliability and creating an individual image. When the visor project is ready, it’s time for design decisions. Icon prides itself on the widest range of helmets available. The company offers a huge number of colors to choose from, which can only be useful to the pilot.

Icon had little transparent, tinted and conventional mirrored visors. The irrepressible guys went further and released a whole series with original colors: red, blue, yellow, gold shades. The secret lies in the fact that such innovations are also very practical.

When a pilot is confused about choosing a visor to complement his unique image of the tough rider of dusty roads and the king of city traffic, he is surprised to learn that different colored visors affect the visual perception of the environment. Yellow visors are high contrast visors, which improve driving in the dark.

The choice of a visor should also be based on the personal feeling of using it. Eyes can also get tired from the tint of your helmet glass. Once you’ve decided which visor will complement your look, try looking through different light sources to make sure that the spectrum of light doesn’t irritate or tire you.

Do not forget that ideally you need to have at least two visors – transparent and tinted. Transparent will help you when driving at dusk or in bad weather, and tinted will save you from bright sunlight.

Icon, as a developed company, offers motorcyclists a quality choice for their helmets, many of which can be fitted with a pinlock. Don’t miss the opportunity to brighten up the city streets. Icon will definitely help you with this!

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