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Icon Women’s Motorcycle Jackets – Spring 2020

The difference between women’s and men’s motorcycle jackets is due to anatomical features. Women’s clothing should have grooves on the chest, if they are not there, this causes a certain kind of inconvenience. When an outfit has a lot of straps to adjust and fit, it’s always great. Girls often choose moto jackets among men, take advantage of the fitting option and get the outfit they want for themselves, if they don’t find the desired color for themselves among the female models.

Let’s take a look at what’s new with Icon for girls in spring 2020?


This is a textile sports motorcycle jacket that gives some freedom in the fit. You can see the sleeves curved at the elbows. The jacket is lightweight and flexible thanks to materials including ICON® Sport Fit.

The jacket can be used in different weather conditions – it shows itself well in the cool. This model has vents in the chest area, and additional channels with zippers can be found on the wrists.

The fit of the jacket is enhanced by the presence of adjustable waist straps, and the elastic D30 inserts are responsible for safety.


The textile motorcycle jacket with Iron Weave Mesh ventilation panels is well suited in the warm season, as it has a decent level of ventilation.

This model is sporty, it has sleeves curved at the elbows and a snug fit to the body.

Uses YKK® zippers and a full set of D3O patches to protect your back, elbow and shoulder.

This model is available in two colors.


Already from the name it becomes clear that the novelty is a textile jacket made of perforated material with the addition of Iron Weave Mesh, which makes it an excellent option for riding in the heat.

D3O will take care of the safety of the motorcyclist here, and leave the comfort to the textiles. The material is quite strong and durable.

The jacket fits snugly to the body and has sleeves curved at the elbows for sporty riding.

All jacket models are certified and meet the required safety standards.

Reinforced seams, extra stitching, precise selection of materials and precision in execution are the true standard for quality and safety in Icon jackets.

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