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If your hands are cold on the motorcycle

A common problem among motorcyclists and their passengers is cold discomfort. The headwind, and even at low temperatures, makes you shake from the cold, treacherously tapping your teeth. First of all, they usually freeze:

  • Hands
  • Lap
  • Feet

These parts of the body are less well protected, have a smaller area and protrude enough to be blown from all sides. If a person’s torso is reliably protected by a jacket and thermal underwear, with a large area, the loss of heat is not so intense. But the hands become numb instantly in bad weather, motor skills deteriorate, and the reaction time increases.

How to keep your hands warm on a motorcycle:

  • Insulated gloves
  • Heated handlebars
  • Wind protection on the steering wheel
  • Insulation couplings
  • Warming from engine heat


The first thing a rider should take care of in this case is new gloves. Gloves as a whole, we considered in the article “Motorcycle gloves – for what purposes and what models can they be?”. When you are freezing, and it is not May outside the window, you have to remember about equipment more often. Gloves have a variety of material combinations. If you want to warm your hands, then the supply market will not keep you waiting. Fleece and windstopper are at your service, as is leather, which is always up to date. Pay attention to the lining.

Be sure to bring long gloves! For the cold season, long gloves are the best solution, because they are worn ON the sleeve of the jacket and protect you from the wind blowing under your clothes.

For especially heat-loving motorcyclists or heroes of the snow dunes, there are developments in the form of heated gloves. It makes sense that if there is a heated visor and a heated steering wheel, then why not be gloves by analogy?

In case you are not a fan of riding a motorcycle during the cold part of the day or the weather takes you by surprise only in short periods of the day and at the same time you do not want to spend money on warm gloves … in fact, in vain, these are your hands, it is cold for you … But not the point, the idea is that if you do not plan to buy warmer gloves, and there are rain gloves at home, then use them. Yes, they serve a different purpose, but this is +5 to wind protection. And the less the wind takes your heat, the warmer you feel.

Heated handlebars

A modern option that can be found in many young bikes as standard. But there was a time when in old books there were lessons of a young technician on how to wind a nichrome wire, power it to the ground and in no case turn on this system in parallel with the headlight, so as not to say goodbye to the motorcycle generator. Desperate tourists, fans of long-distance travel and just drivers who love comfort, buy a heating kit to install it on their motorcycle and no longer think about the cold.

Wind protection on the steering wheel

Surely many of you have seen a design on motorcycles, as if someone took the old rear-view mirrors from your grandfather’s car, took out the windows and screwed them in front of the handles. In fact, this is another useful gadget that is not very expensive, but at the same time protects your precious hands from the wind, flying stones, and even sometimes from falling, if it has an additional frame. The purpose of this protection is again to limit the heat loss that is inevitable in a headwind.

Insulated steering wheel clutches

An unrealistically cool thing that very few people use in our country. In general, really well-known tourists who travel on motorcycles know about couplings knowing that the weather will be far from Tashkent. Warmer sleeves keep your hands warm much better than additional gloves because they cover a large area of ​​your body. I insulate them so well that owners of ATVs and snowmobiles love them.

Now they are gaining popularity because it is difficult to dispute their use. Those who have traveled in them in frost can no longer travel without insulation couplings because of the cold.

Warming from engine heat

Something that slowly roasts you in the summer can keep you warm in the off-season. Yes, I’m talking about the hot big heart of your favorite steel monster. The resourceful guys manage to heat up the gloves from the exhaust pipe, but that’s not a good plan for the glove material. However, if you have neither clutches, nor heated steering wheel, nor wind protection, then in idle time in a traffic jam or at a traffic light, no one bothers to lower your hands below the tank to feel the heat from the engine. The main thing is not to burn the gloves, especially if they are leather. Leather gloves will not tolerate the excessive proximity of the hot love of your motorcycle, therefore, either take off such gloves (but only when time allows you, so that you do not convulsively move from place, pulling them back), or do not tempt fate.

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