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In what ways can the motorcycle be transported?

Motorcycle transportation, as a task, appears before the pilot in the following cases:

  • Buying / selling a motorcycle
  • Motorcycle breakdowns
  • Inability to travel on public roads on official grounds
  • On long journeys when the motorcycle is not the main transport

Let’s take a look at ways to transport a motorcycle on our own and a few important little things that may come in handy.

What are motorcycles transported on?

  • Tow truck / tow truck
  • Inside the vehicle
  • Outside on the platform
  • Partial loading method
  • Transportation in a trailer
  • Transportation in a motorcycle side trailer
  • Sending by a transport company

Tow truck / tow truck

In our world, almost all problems can be solved with money. If you are stuck along the way due to a breakdown or you need to transport a bike, but there is no workhorse – a tow truck is always glad to see you. They can have any transport, from an ordinary tow truck to a customized van.

Even an ordinary tow truck does not interfere with calling. Not in any area you can find a free motorcycle tow truck, then why not turn to a simple one, the main thing is to warn that you want to transport a motorcycle. On the tow truck, it will take a modest place and it will need to be securely fixed in a special way so that it does not overturn. In exceptional cases, it turns out to place the bike right behind the driver’s cab and attach it in the wind.

Inside the vehicle

That’s where the fantasy is! On what just do not carry motorcycles. It’s easy to talk about transportation when you have a pickup truck or a gazelle that you throw out of the seats for a motorcycle. But I must admit that not every motorcycle fits in a pickup. There is one subtlety here: the ratio of the size of the car’s cab to the size of the body. The pickup is not always as roomy as the Narnia wardrobe. But minibuses and vans fell in love with drivers. The motorcycle is safe, it will not go further than the van and there is no need to be afraid that it will fall out or something will be lost along the way. In addition, the motorcycle is not afraid of weather conditions inside the van.

When transporting motorcycles inside vehicles, it would be good to have a wheel holder (trap), they are mounted to the floor and do not allow the front wheel to dangle. Additional fixation with straps is also necessary. But we will talk about belts and traps a little later, since the issue is relevant for all types of transportation.

Transportation of motorcycles is available even if you have a car, if you are not a Honda GL1800 in a Kia Picanto trying to tamp, of course. In reasonable proportions, it is possible to fit a modest motorcycle if you prepare the car and remove all unnecessary things, dismantle the seat. Sometimes it is necessary to partially disassemble the motorcycle if the transportation inside the car is limited by the working space. But all these are special cases and are considered separately.

Transportation from the outside on the platform

A good way to transport equipment so as not to take up space in the cabin. Why not? At the same time, the choice of platforms is quite large, some of them are also called a trunk for a forkop. Platforms can have different designs and fastening methods. At the same time, several motorcycles can sometimes fit on such a platform!

Initially, you attach the largest and heaviest motorcycle, and then the lighter one. This is how you distribute the weight. The closer the motorcycle is to the car body, the less the load on the platform anchorage, because if you place the light weight closer to the body, and only then secure the heavyweight to the edge, then the vibrations can unnecessarily sway the entire structure during movement.

Some installations provide for strengthening the frame, since the standard body structure may not be enough. The mounts distribute the weight evenly so as not to overload individual parts of the vehicle.

In the presence of a welder, a pipe bender and hands from the shoulder girdle, many are smart and cook platforms on their own. Why pay more if there are extra pipes lying around in the garage?

By the way, who said that the mount can only be in the back of the car? With the help of the platform, motorcycles are also placed in front, but these are rare individuals. By the way, there are persistent legends that cars can more easily tolerate the installation of a platform with a motorcycle from the drive side of the car: on a rear-wheel drive, installation from the back is preferable, and on a front-wheel drive, the rear installation is more difficult for the car.

When installing a platform under a motorcycle, you have to monitor the visibility of license plates and the condition of the lighting devices.

There is a form of fastening a motorcycle to the engine. The platform provides for mounting without a wheel stand. The motorcycle is supported on a frame under the engine. It is very difficult to transport heavy motorcycles like that, but with equipment for cross, eduro and pit bikes everything is simple!

Partial loading method

The name speaks for itself. You attach the front wheel, securely fixing it, you can even remove the wheel itself, or even disassemble the fork. The motorcycle follows the vehicle using the rear wheel. There are ways of attaching to the rear wheel. Then it is necessary to additionally fix the steering, but this method is rather strange. Don’t do that.

During transportation by partial loading, the motorcycle is tilted (which makes it difficult to transport motorcycles with a long wheelbase in this way, as well as other types of heavy motorcycles). All technical fluids flow accordingly and the motorcycle is not always happy about this at the end of the trip.

An additional disadvantage can be called the danger of such a transportation, because if you skip the irregularities of the road between the wheels of the car, then the probability of planting a motorcycle wheel in the hole is 50/50. So so jackpot.

Transportation in a trailer

A banal, simple way of transportation. Suitable for bulky motorcycles or transporting multiple bikes. For a small and light bike, it makes more sense to install a platform. The trailer has the same number of supporters and opponents, just everyone chooses what is more convenient for him personally. Some even carry a trailer on a motorcycle.

Transportation in a motorcycle side trailer

Sidecar motorcycles definitely have their upsides. With a bit of perversion, the side trailer is changed to a platform on which the motorcycle is actually placed for transportation. But you need to remember about weight distribution. This trick works with light models and scooters, if the motorcycle you carry is heavier, then problems on the road are inevitable.

Transport company

All your problems are solved for you by other people. Sometimes you are generally a one-way participant who only accepts or sends a motorcycle on the road, but how it will be delivered is already a problem for the carrier. Transport companies have a wide range of services. A convenient way when you do not need to accompany the motorcycle on the road.

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