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Increase of MV Agusta range by 40 percent

Among most motorcycle manufacturers, MV Agusta stands out because its CEO Timur Sardarov is unusually talkative about his company’s plans for the future. Many businesses keep their mouths shut until they are convinced that the next project is completely ready. But MV and Timur are not like that.

MV Agusta plans

In another interview, Sardarov was friendly as usual and talked a lot about the plans of the family and company. Among other things, he mentioned that in April 2021, a capital injection was made in MV Agusta in the amount of EUR 30 million, which allowed the company to formally complete the restructuring agreement ahead of schedule (we wrote earlier about the increase in share capital and early repayment of obligations). This, according to Sardarov, means that the company will be able to achieve its goals and continue to move forward.

What are the goals? We’ve heard a little about them already – starting with the upcoming electric bike, then the 950cc touring bike. In November 2020, Sardarov mentioned the 500 cc platform, and now he spoke in more detail about the plans in general: by 2024, he said, the MV Agusta lineup will increase by about 40 percent to include these two new cubes and about 12 new models.

And that figure does not include the personal mobility aids mentioned earlier for those who do not ride motorcycles. By August 2021, the company, according to Sardarov, will be enthusiastically working on bicycles and other personal transport, but those 12 new products will be motorcycles, and not something else.

But, according to Sardarov, they plan to narrow the gap between light types of individual transport and heavy ones, such as motorcycles. In the future, according to his plan, MV Agusta will release a full range of products that will help the client get where he wants, and the way he wants.

Timur also took the opportunity to refute two stubborn rumors circulating in recent months. One is about a possible relaunch of the Cagiva or Elefant brands under the wing of MV Agusta. He said that the company’s marketing department is currently analyzing the best tactics on this front, and said that as of early June 2021, no decisions had been made in this regard.

Another rumor is that KTM may acquire MV Agusta. Sardarov categorically denied this idea, reiterating that MV Agusta has a five-year plan, which it intends to carry out on its own as an independent company. She can also retain independence after this period, so that rumors on this topic are absolutely groundless.

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