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Indian launches motorcycle rental program

Indian launches motorcycle rental program

Indian is launching motorcycle rentals in only a few states at the moment. Consumers are offered the opportunity to experience the company’s current motorcycle models on the go, from the base Scout Sixty to the Roadmaster and other cubature giants. Judging by the sites of the dealers participating in the program, one can understand that not all models are available from each of the dealers, but the choice is in any case quite good.

The Indian motorcycle can be rented for half a day, for a full day, or even for several weeks. Today, 9 dealers are participating in the program: three in California, two in Tennessee, and one each in Georgia, Texas, Missouri and Virginia. If the program is successful, it is expected to expand with the participation of other dealers, and we hope to see similar programs in other countries.

Indian’s main rival, Harley Davidson, has a long and successful motorcycle rental experience, including through the EagleRider rental program. In North America, Harley Davidson is the most popular motorcycle rental brand and is in high demand among foreign tourists, who often come to the United States to rent a motorcycle and go on a motorcycle trip.

Can Indian grab a piece of the pie in this market? Will it attract new customers? Let’s see!

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