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Indian Motorcycles Global Sales Growth 2020

Indian Motorcycles, an American motorcycle brand owned by Polaris Industries, saw global sales rise in 2020 amid declines in the United States. The manufacturer has achieved good results in several countries, including Russia, New Zealand, Australia, as well as in the European market as a whole.

Indian Motorcycles in 2020

Indian Motorcycles in 2020 proved to be more resilient to the crisis than most competitors and was able to achieve growth in global sales by the end of the year against the background of the previous result. The total number of Indian motorcycles sold for 2020 was 32,016 units, up 1.9% from the record level reached in 2017.

The home market in the United States saw a slight decline in sales, while Canada posted gains. On the other hand, in some other markets, the company’s products sold significantly better than in the previous year – for example, in New Zealand, sales grew by 44.5%, and in Russia – 65.1%. Western Europe showed significant growth: in percentage terms, this market grew by 27%, and sales in Romania, Finland, Luxembourg and Croatia exceeded the previous result by half.

The American brand breathed new life into an updated business model based on seven families of motorcycles, apparel, accessories, clubs and mono-brand stores. Modern motorcycles of the Indian brand bear the names of classic models and are sold in more than sixty countries. The newest model, the FTR1200, entered production in 2019.

The North American market remains the key sales region for the revamped Indian, and the brand’s growth is correlated with declining sales from its main competitor, Harley Davidson, which is evidence of a great job done by marketers and the transition of a number of former HD devotees to Indian products.

A century ago, Indian was the world’s best-selling motorcycle brand, with record sales of over 50,000 units. In the 21st century, the record is still much more modest and amounted to just over 30,000 units in 2017, then in 18 there was a decrease in sales in the States (by more than 5,000 units), which continued in 2019. At the same time, the brand’s international sales are growing, in particular Europe in 2019 showed a record, exceeding 5,000 units. The decline in US sales since 2017 is attributed to the arrival of Royal Enfield in the North American market.

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