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Indian once again registers a new trade name

Indian once again registers a new trade name

Less than a month ago, Indian officially registered the name Indian Raven, raising suspicions that the manufacturer is planning to launch a new product. Someone suggested that it will be a new adventure motorcycle. And possibly related to the presented prototype of the Indian FTR flat tracker.

Indian Raven and Indian Renegade

The new trade name “Indian Raven” was registered on January 3, 2019. This means that a new model should appear in the Indian lineup. We do not have accurate information. But this is even more interesting. As with the Raven, the name is reserved for both the motorcycle and any structural components.

However, this time we are dealing with a name that we have already seen on the fuel tank of a motorcycle. In fact, UM (United Motors) based in Miami has a whole line of cruisers called Renegade. This fact also explains why the Indian Renegade name was registered and not just Renegade.

It is very encouraging that Indian is considering expanding their range with an adventure line. It would be foolish to use such free names (Raven – raven, Renegade – apostate) for ordinary cruisers.

Fortunately, the new FTR1200 demonstrates that the company is taking serious steps to transform and complement its image. Indian certainly has all the tools and knowledge to take it to the next level.

Indian once again registers a new trade name

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