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Indian plant burns a second time

Indian plant burns a second time

The last six months have been intense for Indian. And now we are not talking about motorcycles, but about troubles at the factory. In September, an explosion occurred in the paint shop, which resulted in one of the workers being admitted to the hospital, fortunately with minor injuries. Most likely, the company’s management should pay attention to the paint shop at the Spirit Lake plant, because this is the second time there is a fire there.

On two occasions, Polaris Indian workers at a plant in Iowa had to cope with a fire. In September, an explosion occurred in the room where the paint is being prepared, causing a small fire. The work of the plant was restored the very next day.

The second time, the fire also damaged the paint shop. The fire was caused by the transfer of the spray booth. While the fire extinguishing system coped with the flames on the ground floor, the fire spread to the expanded polystyrene insulation in the ceiling, which caused a lot of smoke. Spirit Lake firefighters had to seek help from colleagues at Okoboji / Arnold Park, who not only provided additional manpower, but also additional breathing apparatus. Without them, it was impossible to enter the building enveloped in smoke.

The firefighters worked quickly and smoothly. They made a hole in the roof to keep the fire from spreading further. Within a few hours, the situation was brought under control. Fortunately, no one was hurt this time as a result of the incident. The Polaris evacuation system worked perfectly, and all workers left the plant before the arrival of emergency services.

Due to heavy smoke, additional time was required to ventilate the building, production was stopped on Wednesday and resumed on Thursday. It was not reported that the incident would affect delivery in any way.

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