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Indian PowerPlus Engine Breaks American Tradition

Indian PowerPlus engine

If you’re a true Indian fan, you’ve probably already heard about the Challenger motorcycle that was leaked in a recent leak. If this leak has passed you by (despite careful planning on the part of the brand’s marketers), in short, the rationale is: Challenger is a bagger with a fixed fairing.

Indian PowerPlus engine

Indian has now revealed some details about the engine that powers the new motorcycle. And apparently, this is a completely new engine, unlike those that are put on American cruisers, baggers and luxury tourers now.

Based on the fixed fairing, the Challenger is built to compete with the Harley Davidson Road Glide. The motorcycle will be based on a new engine called PowerPlus. But don’t confuse it with the Powerplus, a flathead-like motorcycle built from 1916 to 1924 by Indian Motocycle, which in turn shouldn’t be confused with today’s Indian Motorcycle, which makes today’s PowerPlus. I hope I am telling you clearly and you are not confused?

Joking aside, let’s move on to the characteristics. PowerPlus has a cubic capacity of 108 cubic inches, which is 1769.8 cubic centimeters. The engine produces 122 horsepower and 173.5 Nm of torque. According to the information published in the press release, the engine has overhead camshafts, most likely one per cylinder, and four valves each. Cylinders with a diameter of 108 mm with a piston stroke of 96.5 mm – in fact, almost square a little towards the short-stroke – this is completely different from what we are used to seeing on cruiser V-twins, but it is quite logical given the four valves per cylinder.

Indian PowerPlus engineIndian PowerPlus engine

More on the numbers: the maximum power is 122 hp. is reached at 5500 rpm, and the cut-off is already at 6500. The compression ratio is 11: 1. Liquid cooling allows this compression ratio to be achieved without knocking (and knock sensors help with this). Seriously liquid cooling on a bagger? Yeah. But that’s not all. Just think: the camber angle is 60 degrees. This is certainly unusual for American touring enthusiasts. And, probably, a new chassis will be developed for the new engine, which is great.

After all, this is a very unusual engine designed for the ultra-conservative class of motorcycles. Are buyers ready to accept such a novelty? Life will show. In any case, PowerPlus for Indian is a way out of the comfort zone, and only in this way it is possible to reach new frontiers.

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