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Infuriates: the most annoying situations for motorcyclists

It is customary to idealize the life of a motorcyclist with stories about freedom, a developing beard in the wind, a leather jacket and club stripes. For some, a motorcycle is a way of life, for others it is a profitable means of transportation and saving time, for others it is a distant dream.

They talk about the other side of motorcycle life less often, they only scare them with the consequences of accidents and injuries. But there are circumstances that infuriate drivers. Very. Strong. Enrage. The newcomers did not even suspect that such elementary situations would soon irritate them, like other drivers.

Here are the top circumstances that annoy motorcyclists the most.

Sudden weather changes and rain

Sudden changes in the weather infuriate that the driver does not always take equipment with him in case of rain or his helmet does not have built-in glasses, and only one visor was with him. Bad weather can catch where you cannot stop to change clothes, for example, on the expressway. You have to endure, gritting your teeth.

A common situation: nothing foreshadowed trouble, the weather forecasts promised you a “window” of a clear day, but in the middle of the way the sky was clouded with clouds, a downpour started! What to do? Stop and wait? Keep driving and getting wet?

In the first case, you are stupidly wasting time, and okay, if you drink coffee in some bar with good music while waiting for a clear sky. In the second case, you keep driving. The catch is that motorcyclists don’t always carry a raincoat, rain gloves and shoe covers. Not every piece of equipment can withstand prolonged rainfall. This causes some discomfort.

A sudden raging wind infuriates you, for which you are not ready. It is difficult to attribute an air wave from large-sized vehicles here, since its source is not the weather, but sometimes it can also shake the nerves of a motorcyclist.

Doors that open in the aisle

Motorcyclists are not named for the ride between the rows. However, motorists are good too.

Motorcyclists do not expect a sudden opening of a car door in front of them, and motorists or their passengers do not expect a motorcycle between the rows. It is here that there are “two loneliness” who do not think about each other. The consequences of such a meeting are different. It was lucky if the motorcycle made its way between the cars in a low gear, and the door only caught.

Insects and pebbles

First-seasons are warned that a fly hits the helmet at speed like shrapnel … On the question of driving with an open visor without glasses. But when this happens for the first time, many are perplexed. Worse than insects spread all over the motorcycle and helmet, only small stones flying out from under the wheels of cars. They hit hard, hurt, very unpleasant and incredibly infuriating.

Do you know what else infuriates? Wipe insects off your gear and bike!

Silly questions, stereotypes and curious passers-by

What can infuriate a motorcyclist? When you go out into the street and see how someone is trying to take pictures on your motorcycle, touching recently polished chrome with their dirty fingers, touching a washed motorcycle … It won’t take long to overturn!

Silly questions and stereotypical restrictions are also annoying. Well, when a passer-by turns politely, he is interested, because he himself dreams of a motorcycle or looks after such a model, but sometimes they will do: neither “hello”, nor “good morning” or “you can ask.” Questions are asked of some kind, as if their randomizer was collecting from a dictionary … I would like to get on the bike as soon as possible and rush away into the sunset from such people.

Sweaty clothes

What’s the most common excuse not to wear equipment in hot weather? It’s hot for us, it blows weakly, clothes are sweaty.

The story with the change of weather comes out here as well. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation that you are dressed too warmly or the weather is extremely hot. As a result, sweaty clothes, sweaty equipment, there is neither desire nor time to wash and clean all this. And you have to.

Lack of luggage space

Every motorcyclist at least once, but was furious that this or that load did not fit. Yes, the lack of space is annoying when you really need to take something away. Reproaches that the motorcycle is not a car, two sacks of potatoes will not fit, are also enraged.

The list of circumstances that makes you want to shout the letter “A” at the window can be continued, since each driver has his own personal triggers. Someone is enraged by pedestrians running out onto the roadway. Someone almost growls when they cut. There are also those who rage when they see the prices of gasoline or spare parts. The truth is, for many, there are many more positives in the life of a motorcyclist, so people continue to rejoice, even if something sometimes annoys.

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