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Interactive road signs tested in the UK

Despite the sometimes significant difference in traffic rules in different countries, there are very few road signs with motorcycles on them in the world. However, there is a company in the UK that makes signs especially for us. They look like digital displays showing the driver his current speed (most likely, you have seen them in foreign films), but instead of numbers they depict a motorcyclist. These signs, using the radar, detect an approaching vehicle and warn its driver about a dangerous section of the road with a bright luminous inscription.

Interests of motorcyclists in traffic rules

Motorcycles in the UK are much more common than ours, and the interests of motorcyclists are taken into account in the traffic rules. So, the aisle is directly allowed there, and for them there are also allowances for parking (up to free, even in the most expensive business centers of cities) and for environmental friendliness of the exhaust (for example, motorcyclists may not receive fines for entering the zone “clean emissions”). However, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents is on the increase every year, and one of the ways to reduce this sad statistic was the development of a new interactive road sign. According to the UK Ministry of Transport, many accidents are caused by inadequate designation of their intentions while driving.

Motorcyclists know perfectly well how this happens: you are driving on a good road, enjoying the weather, slowing down in time before marked turns, and suddenly you find yourself in front of an unmarked one. Does everyone have enough skill to enter a corner at the same speed as when driving in a straight line? And the second question – do you always have time to track the direction of the road without warning about turns?

In fact, usually it all ends with a slight fright, but unplanned off-road trips have happened to a lot of people.

Interactive road signs

TWM Traffic Control Systems, a developer of interactive road signs, is inviting the British authorities to place them at high-risk areas. The manufacturer expects that a bright flashing inscription (which can be translated as “Siege”) will let riders know to slow down to a safe speed to enter a turn or intersection. The image of the motorcyclist on the sign is also well known to British drivers – this image belongs to the road safety organization THINK! (“Think!”). But the main property of an interactive road sign is that the inscription “Siege!” does not light up for every driver, but only for the one who exceeds a reasonable speed when approaching a dangerous section… According to the developer, the permitted speed does not always correspond to the safe one, and drivers do not always have time to react to the numbers, so a bright warning inscription will be better perceived while driving.

TWM Chief Executive Kevin Marshall stated:

The current statistics of the Ministry of Transport on road accidents are disappointing, and 228 accidents might not have occurred if motorcyclists were warned in time about approaching a dangerous section of the road. We hope that our equipment will make the roads safer for both drivers and pedestrians. The new hazardous area sign was created with the safety of motorcyclists in mind, and we hope the local authorities will equip known emergency areas with our products, especially given the cold, damp and dark winter months ahead.

If interactive road signs show their effectiveness, similar developments should be expected in other countries, because each of us knows firsthand how important it is to know in time when we are approaching a dangerous section.

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