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Intermot 2020 officially canceled

Intermot 2020 officially canceled

As the pandemic loses its fervor and people are reuniting after months of isolation, some of the world’s biggest motorcycle events are rethinking their plans. COVID-19 forced most of them to decisively change the organization of the current season, both in terms of attendance and financial.

Intermot’s pragmatic approach

And while the people behind the EICMA assure the whole world that the event will take place in full accordance with the plan, the Germans, as always, demonstrate a pragmatic approach in a difficult situation. The organizers of Intermot, one of the largest and most anticipated motorcycle shows, have confirmed that there will be no public event in 2020. Instead, an online trade show will take place according to a specific scenario.

In a press release published on June 16, 2020, the organizers of Koelnmesse and the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM) explained that the decision to cancel the public event is based on the current state of the motorcycle industry and the new financial reality. Simply put, manufacturers are forced to proceed from the current economic situation, for many – a catastrophic one, and Intermot does not want to cause additional costs that can cripple someone’s business.

The success of our event depends on its attractiveness and positive emotions received as a result of visiting it. In this regard, the traditional format Intermot does not meet the expectations and needs of the motorcycle industry, says Oliver Frese, chief operating officer of Koelnmesse and Rainer Brandick, chief executive officer of IVM.

The opportunities for our exhibitors for 2021 are already under threat from the COVID-19 crisis. As an important part of the motorcycle industry, we would like to support our partners in this difficult time, and for this we are fully developing a digital event.

It is also reported that “business as usual” will be restored, but unlikely before 2022, which means that only after 2 years we will see an open showroom in Cologne, Germany. At least, this is the kind of timeframe that the organizers believe is necessary for the recovery of the industry.

The virtual event, which, according to the organizers, will replace our largest motorcycle show, will take place before the end of 2020.

EICMA, your turn!

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