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Is customizing a hobby or a disease?

Customizing has long and firmly occupied a place in the auto and motorcycle world. There is an opinion that from the moment customizing bacilli enter the brain, it is no longer possible to recover, because since then there is no motorcycle in the world that could not be remade with your own hands and considered in the context of creating something unique on its basis.

A custom motorcycle implies that it was completely prepared according to an individual project, that there is no second such bike and it is not a conveyor unit. Even if some concerns release models with the “custom” prefix, this does not make them full-fledged custom projects.

What’s the point of customizing?

Let’s make a reservation right away, let’s not confuse the concepts of “customizing”, “tuning” and “restoration”, they are all different things. When you restore a motorcycle to stock it is not customizing in any way. For some reason, many are sure that if they removed the plastic from the sport or installed a different exhaust, then this immediately transferred them from the tuning column to customizing, alas – no.

Customizers are engaged in the construction of a unique motorcycle, which simply did not exist in nature before; replacing individual elements or repainting a motorcycle cannot be a customizer.

Usually, experts build their dream motorcycle for the soul, even if they expect to sell it later, the process still goes through the soul and with pleasure. This hobby is expensive. As a rule, when building for himself, the master has a motorcycle for the city, and custom takes the rest of his free time and money in the bowels of the garage.

For some reason, ordinary people who are not interested in technology do not perceive motorcycle restoration and even more customizing as a separate activity. Very sorry. I just can’t understand why painting or dance is easily accepted as art, but the creation of a technically excellent workable model is not. Can’t the labor of an engineer or mechanic be called creativity?

Customizers are chasing individuality and self-expression. Their motorcycle directly reflects how the owner understands the term “motorcycle”. The desire to build your own motorcycle arises as a challenge to the world, they say, I can also create something beautiful and unique.

Successful projects delight viewers at custom / tuning / auto / motorcycle exhibitions and others.

How does this happen?

Just as a theater begins with a coat rack, a custom motorcycle begins with an idea. This is followed by the laborious process of selecting and searching for the necessary spare parts. A master, keen on customizing, knows much more than a simple motorcycle enthusiast, because his task is to compare dozens of models, check hundreds of combinations and not be mistaken in the compatibility of components from different manufacturers, all for the sake of a dream motorcycle. He understands exactly how a motorcycle works, what can be combined with what to obtain the desired performance, and if the parts do not match, he can squander or undermine so that everything grows together as expected. In words it seems simple, but the pitfalls are billions.

Projects based on a foreign car have a wide field of action, but they require very serious costs. Regarding such custom, I advise you to watch Explosive Mike’s video about a worthy project and a cool master who tells how much work, patience and money it takes to create your motorcycle:

In Russia, there is a separate wave of craftsmen who are experimenting on Soviet technology. Abroad they love our “Ural”, always with a sidecar and a drive to it. Such models are in stock and foreigners like it exactly like this, our own opposites are constantly being altered. On the one hand, it is much easier than with foreign cars, since the structure of the motorcycle there is not particularly tricky (in fact, as an eternal lego that can be touched endlessly), spare parts are inexpensive, and it is possible to find a donor even with documents in any remote village. But it’s not as easy as it seems to come up with and implement a really worthwhile idea. Easy accessibility has led to a flood of unsuccessful collective farm projects and, as a result, to tremendous skepticism within the motorcycle culture. Why? Simply, if such a motorcycle does not go to a restorer, then more often to a young genius – a novice customizer who lacks experience or a desire to stand out overrides the very idea of ​​a motorcycle. As a result, they mold something absurd from the ancient monster or leave it to wait for the finest hour in the garage until better times.

However, there are amazing craftsmen on our dusty roads. People whose works do not immediately recognize the Soviet motorcycle industry. For the sake of the idea, they bolt to bolt create more than decent motorcycles in all the traditions of true bikers. Rarely seen, their creations are always eye-catching among modern motorcycles. One of these was the project of a master living in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. A man who found not the most popular engine in the Ural line, bending a frame on a pipe bender, assembled a motorcycle right at home after a work shift on winter evenings.

Customizing in the Soviet motorcycle industry is relevant in remote cities. They take it for two reasons: to learn how to work with a motorcycle, because after the “scoop” nothing is scary; and because in remote cities it is really difficult to make money on a foreign car, especially for novice motorcyclists. And when the desire to have a motorcycle is so strong that a person takes on what is at hand, he tries to keep up with others and refines what he has.

What do you know about striving for a dream?

So is this illness or a harmless hobby?

To a large extent, it makes no sense to argue over the name. Because a person who is sincerely passionate about building motorcycles will deal with them in any case, even if someone starts to perform an exorcism ritual and considers you possessed, because you took apart two of your bikes and a neighbor’s scooter in addition, you constantly drag some spare parts and draw drawings.

Customizing is a way of thinking.

The average driver evaluates a motorcycle in terms of ease of movement, beauty, availability of spare parts and high cost. When a motorcyclist or athlete looks at his technique, he asks himself:

– How can I improve myself in order to achieve success? What skills to develop?

But at the same time he is looking for stock parts for his equipment, he tunes anything to the maximum. Even in a simple headlight, the customizer sees the body, wires and bulbs that can be modified and combined in any other motorcycle. Such a mechanic, experienced or not, ceases to notice an integral system in the factory models, he evaluates them as donors, on the basis of which something more can be created. They constantly ask themselves: what if? Because of this approach, they are viewed as patients who cannot easily ride on ready-made solutions from the manufacturer.

Over time, customizing has become a separate activity for especially wealthy clients who are willing to pay craftsmen to make an exclusive project. There are custom workshops, every now and then in the repair centers there are one or two mechanics who secretly assemble their personal dream bike in the garage.

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