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James Bond Motorcycle – Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition

What should be the motorcycle of a real super agent? Everyone imagines this bike differently. In the popular “Bondiana” British special agent James Bond received a motorcycle and this is a scrambler! Not a simple one, but a custom stunt bike style Scrambler 1200.

In the new No Time to Die, fans have been waiting for the Aston Martins, but they also spotted the new Land Rover Defender, the 1200 scrambler and the Tiger 900 from Triumph. In the trailer, a motorcycle appears briefly. Better it can be seen on video from the filming, which has already leaked to the Web.

Triumph will release a limited edition of just 250 scramblers to honor the Bond franchise. According to persistent rumors, the bikes have already gone from hand to hand, provided that the film premiere was postponed to November 2020. That is, Triumph didn’t wait for the movie to come out. It is known that only 30 motorcycles from this series have been prepared for the USA, and only 5 motorcycles will go to Canada, the rest will go to the world.

So what kind of motorcycle is the most famous special agent in the world on?


The limited edition motorcycle is based on the equally popular model – the 1200 XE scrambler.

Acclaimed as one of the best retro scramblers, it belongs to the Triumph Bonneville family. At the heart of the bike is a parallel twin-cylinder 1200cc engine. with liquid cooling. 8 valves and a 270-degree crank tilt, combined with multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection – in fact produces 89 horsepower at 7400 rpm.

High level stainless steel tailpipe with premium carbon muffler. This combination gives the motorcycle its own bass and rumbling voice.

It’s time to get used to the fact that modern motorcycles are very smart and can adapt to the riding conditions and behavior of the owner. Here we see a number of settings that include road, rain, off-road, sport and rider-configurable riding modes. There are only six of them. There is cruise control, where can we go without it? The modes regulate throttle behavior, ABS setting, and traction control. Particularly noteworthy is the “Off-Road Pro” mode, which is aimed at driving in places where even the most daring rider will be afraid to go.

The rear suspension has been developed in collaboration with Öhlins, so the output has an increased wheel travel (250 mm).

As for the brakes, the scrambler boasts premium Brembo M50 radial monobloc calipers up front, and Brembo 255mm disc 2-piston floating calipers on the rear wheel.

By the way, the spoked wheels are incredibly delightful for lovers of retro. Alloy wheels are often found among modern scramblers, so here they are spoked like a balm for connoisseurs.

The motorcycle weighs 207 kilograms (dry) and has a 16 liter fuel tank.

Technically, for the limited edition, the main nodes are taken from the original XE source. Distinctive features are more style, design and unique branded modifications that make the scrambler an original way to highlight Triumph’s involvement in the life of the legendary special agent.

Secrets are in the details – design 007

The Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition is easily distinguished from others by its aggressive look and abundance of ‘007’ or ‘Bond Edition’ branded insignia, which are engraved throughout the motorcycle. And this is not a joke, the engraving is really visible to the naked eye. So, our agent is not too shy and does not hide from prying eyes!

A distinctive feature of the manufacturer is the painting of the motorcycle in coal black or, as they like, sapphire black. Matching the color of the super agent’s tuxedo. Also on the tank we see metal plates on the sides and an oversized Triumph badge. Gilding is applied by hand.

Anodized mudguards, short rear and raised front, and a protective chain cover are made in the same style.

Headlamp grill in stainless steel. Optional fog lights. All this in housings with the same anodized finish.

On the steering wheel, the dashboard immediately attracts attention. The Bond Edition is equipped with the latest Triumph generation TFT full color display with 007 non-format loading screen.

The owner of the motorcycle can personalize the look of the screen using two layouts. From the standard version of the prototype of the motorcycle, contactless ignition has been switched. The motorcycle recognizes the key fob and allows the engine to start from the button. For safety reasons, this function can be disabled if someone is worried that the motorcycle will be stolen.

Note the hand-stitched black leather seat. It has a “Bond Edition” mark on the edge in case someone still hasn’t noticed that this is a special agent’s bike …

Even the protection against heat generated by the engine and the protection on the pipe are also branded.

Confirmation of exclusivity

The manufacturer positions this bike as ultra-rare. Each Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition carries a unique Issue Numbering Code, which will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by Triumph CEO Nick Bloor. The owner will also receive a premium backpack as a gift.

How much can a special agent’s motorcycle cost? The manufacturer estimated the legend at $ 18,500.

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