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Java returns home in 2020

Java returns home in 2020

In November 2018, the Czech brand Jawa returned to the market. Rather, he made a loud attempt: the Indian owners of the brand launched a large-scale dealer network, but were not ready for the serious demand for motorcycles. It all ended, of course, sadly: interest in the brand was undermined, the delivery dates of the sold motorcycles were not respected, and the quality was depressing (for example, new Java from the factory came immediately rusty – does it look like anything?)


It seems that now everything will get better: the quality issues have been worked out, the delivery time has also been worked out, and interesting news comes from the parent company: Java is returning to its homeland.

Several Indian publications at once report that Mahindra has homologated new Jawa motorcycles for the European market (more precisely, one model – Jawa 300) – and this bike will appear in showrooms in 2020. However, unlike the Indian market, where Mahindra launched a large-scale attack, opening nearly a hundred dealerships in a few months, entry into Europe will be smoother. It is symbolic that the first dealer will open exactly in the homeland of the brand – in the Czech Republic.

A bit of history: Indian giant Mahindra revived the Jawa brand at the end of 2018. Prior to that, Jawa was a European company founded in Prague in 1929. And although we do not know whether the decision to return to the European market through the Czech Republic is dictated by sentimental considerations, or whether the Indians are obliged by the concluded contract, or maybe the legislation of the Czech Republic. Regardless of the reasons, this is a very nice touch, quite in the spirit of the Hindus: the wheel of Samsara has made a full turn, and you can start from scratch renewed and rejuvenated.

Jawa 300

According to Indian media reports, the visual appearance of the Jawa 300 will be no different from the Indian version. In terms of design, however, several changes are expected to comply with European requirements, but none of the sources indicate specific features of the European version. The model has recently been refined to comply with the Indian BS6 eco-standards.

At the moment, there is no talk of deliveries to other countries, but given the market interest in small-capacity utility motorcycles, it would not be surprising if Jawa appears in other markets in the coming years.

It would be interesting to know how the new Jawa will do business in Russia.

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