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Jawa and 50,000 motorcycles

Jawa and 50,000 motorcycles

Modern retro classics are reminiscent of an Instagram filter thrown over motorcycles from the current realities, which can slightly embellish reality and make it more attractive, playing on nostalgic notes in people’s souls. Ever since the Jawa brand was resurrected under the wing of Classic Legends in India, people have been looking for the design of these bikes in the first place. We honestly admit that the buyers of the new Java had a lot of reasons for frustration, but there were no questions about aesthetics.

50,000 Jawa branded motorcycles

In November 2020, Classic Legends proudly announced that it had sold 50,000 Jawa-branded motorcycles in the past 12 months. This is how much time has passed since the brand was resurrected, and despite the difficulties with production, as well as the pandemic that we all faced, 50 thousand sales is quite an achievement.

We, as the youngest participants in the Indian motor market, are proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. Even being a relatively recent start-up, Classic Legends managed to organize at their factory a full production cycle of our three models, from which the restoration of the Jawa brand began, as well as established a wide sales network and were able to take into account all the wishes of our consumers in their work, – the story of the CEO of Classic Legends Ashish Singh Joshi.

What’s more, according to Joshi, given a number of specific challenges that Jawa has successfully overcome towards this result, the next 50,000 units are expected soon enough. The models on sale are Jawa, Forty-Two and Perak. With Jawa currently working to expand its market to Europe, the next 50,000 units will be offered to a much wider range of customers.

Well, wait and see. The former Jawa was familiar and loved by many enthusiasts around the world, but how many of them are eager to buy a modern motorcycle under this brand is impossible to predict. Time will tell!

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