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Kawasaki motorcycles will be equipped with ARAS from Bosch

Electronic assistants and safety technologies

Electronic assistants and safety technologies are quite common in cars, but their application in motorcycles requires more complex approaches due to the peculiarities of lean steering, therefore, on-board safety and assistance systems are just beginning to appear in the motorcycle world.

Manufacturers are continuing their research to install these systems on two-wheeled vehicles to increase safety. Bosch is one of the key brands in the vehicle safety market due to the widespread use of its ABS and stability control systems on motorcycles across a wide range of brands and markets. And soon the products of the German concern will be found even more often thanks to the cooperation with Kawasaki.

The Greens have announced plans to launch a bike in 2021 equipped with Bosch’s Advanced Rider Assistance Systems. This system is an offshoot of Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and consists of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), collision alert and blind spot monitoring.

The advantage of assistance systems

Bosch says the advantage of these three systems is that they are constantly active and continuously monitor potential threats, as opposed to a rider whose attention can be distracted at times. Bosch solutions use a pair of mid-range radar sensors located at the front and rear of the motorcycle to provide a constant and immediate read of the driving situation.

Adaptive cruise control monitors the distance to the vehicle in front and maintains a safe distance during cruise control operation, that is, the system takes over this work, unloading the rider.

Collision Warning System monitors the brake lights of vehicles in front and alerts the rider with a visual and audible signal.

As for the blind spot monitoring system, as in modern cars, it warns the rider that there is a vehicle in the blind spot of the motorcycle mirrors.displaying visual cue in mirrors.

First motorcycle equipped with ARAS

At the moment we have no information on which model of Kawasaki motorcycle will be the first to receive this set of electronic assistants, and we don’t even know if this will be an update to an existing motorcycle or a completely new model. The available promo materials show the system installed on the sportbike, but this in itself does not say anything. The first motorcycle equipped with ARAS will appear in 2021.

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