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Kickstarter – is it needed in a modern motorcycle?

In today’s modernity, there is such a choice of motorcycle models that you can find almost any configuration, and if your requests are too original, then any custom studio, no, no, will find a way to satisfy your requests. Installing a kickstarter on a motorcycle that does not have one is a fairly common phenomenon.

Kickstarter, as the main method of starting the engine, is not used everywhere, although earlier, of course, it was a mandatory attribute.

Anyone interested in martial arts and suddenly dancing knows that the kick element makes sense to kick. To make a kick – a movement similar to that you kick the ball or the opponent. From here are born phrases about “crucifying the motorcycle”, “wound up with a half kick” and “if you don’t kick it, it won’t fly” – also here. In other words, a kickstarter is a way to start an engine by moving a person’s leg forward onto a lever, which transfers force further along the chain, helping to crank the engine.

Old-timers will surely smile when they remember the ancient Soviet motorcycle industry. From personal experience I want to say that kickstarter for a beginner is something from the category of “success or a broken leg”. Because nothing kills like a kickstarter. The fact is that the internal structure, although elementary, has the consequences of mishandling.

Yes, the kickstarter has discounts for the motorcycle model, but the database will always include:

  • Pedal with lever
  • Return spring
  • Sector / Cogwheel, Gears
  • Washers

Before giving examples, let’s look at how the kickstarter works. Starting systems can be both outside and inside the gearbox. The return spring is attached at one end to the sector, the toothed part of the gear, the other end to the crankcase wall. By the way, there must still be a washer to reduce the friction of the spring on the crankcase. If you have ever disassembled and reassembled triggers, then I think you understand how unpleasant it is to lose washers, because they really need it. When you press the pedal, through the lever, the shaft with the sector rotates, and the spring attached to it will twist. The sector will engage with gears, which will subsequently begin to turn the engine shaft.

– So what’s dangerous? – you ask.

And the fact that the spring is twisted for a reason, it returns to the opposite position both the sector that comes out of the hook in its primary state, and the lever with the pedal. If your foot has slipped, then the spring will instantly return a kick to your knee with a pedal, give you a savory bruise and sparks from your eyes.

This kicking property is often found on ancient models. We mentioned Soviet technology for a reason. At a time when normal children were dragging home puppies, kittens and any animals that they managed to catch, I was lucky to bring the brainchild of IZHMASH, which at that time was already twice as old as me. And I think the parents would agree to 20 Alabaev puppies than to that. So, they tried to beat off their knees and the desire to have a motorcycle by means of a kickstarter. At that time, no one warned that a motorcycle on early ignition could lie like a maddened mare of an apocalypse rider! It turned out that you also need to know how to start a motorcycle from a kick.

In modern motorcycles, the kickstarter does not fight, you just need to use it correctly. Sliding legs were mentioned, but beginners still cannot always cope with the mechanics of the action, since the motorcycle needs to be started, and not laid on the asphalt. How many people forget to change gears? I am also silent about those who like to twist the trigger all the way, pouring too much mixture or unsuccessful attempts to find the top dead center.

Now the kickstarter is left as a lifesaver if the battery is out of order or other troubles prevent the engine from starting without the use of brute force. Kickstarers on motocross motorcycles, enduros and pit bikes are more than relevant, since electric starters are not always convenient for them or carry extra weight. Kickstarter on touring bikes is really good as a safety net. For other motorcycles that are used in light city conditions, it is not necessary, but it will not be superfluous for sure.

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