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KTM Beats Harley Davidson in Global Sales

KTM Beats Harley Davidson in Global Sales

Selling 261,000 motorcycles in the last year around the world is not so bad, especially considering the downturn in the motorcycle market, which has been observed in most countries. But everything is relative, and with such numbers, KTM still only ranks fourth in the world.

You guessed it, the top three include Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Currently, no one is even close on this metric to Honda, which sold 20 million two-wheelers in 2018 – even Yamaha, which is in second place, sold about 5.4 million motorcycles. Figures like these give an idea of ​​the scale at which KTM, Harley Davidson and everyone else outside the top three are targeting.

Growth of KTM in the number of units sold

Despite KTM’s tremendous growth in number of units sold, Harley Davidson reported revenues of about $ 5 billion – significantly more than KTM’s $ 1.75 billion. However, Harley specializes in large motorcycles. While the upcoming release of the electric LiveWire represents a major departure from tradition, it will perform in the traditional Harley Davidson niche.

From this point of view, the triumvirate of KTM, Bajaj and Husqvarna looks even more intriguing.especially considering their joint investment in the development of small electric motorcycle technology. While the anticipated future regulation of this class of motorcycles in India is putting some pressure on the companies at the moment, there is no doubt that the models they are developing in Pune will have implications for KTM’s global development.

In an interview, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer said that he would like to buy Ducati and Triumph and create “United European motorcycle company”… He cited comparatively low sales figures for these European manufacturers – 53,000 for Ducati and 61,500 for Triumph – as the reason why they should stop fighting among themselves. Not to mention, BMW alone sold 165,566 units in 2018.

In addition to being located in Japan, all three leading sales manufacturers are united by the variety of models offered for different markets. KTM is committed to filling this gap in its current global lineup by developing more small bikes, and this is where its partnership with Bajaj goes a long way.

Stefan Pierer targets the brand with 400,000 units sold globally in 2022. Based on the company’s progress in recent years, this goal is quite attainable for KTM.

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