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KTM follows BMW to refuse participation in EICMA

The largest motorcycle shows lose their participants

Apparently, two of the most important European motorcycle shows will be canceled until 2021. On April 1, 2020, BMW Motorrad announced that it would not be participating in the 2020 Intermot and EICMA. And this is not a stupid joke: the news has been confirmed by the Italian and Canadian divisions of BMW Motorrad.

Manufacturers of all directions around the globe are forced to make unpopular decisions due to the current realities and challenges of this year, – said Robert Dexter, PR Director of BMW Canada.

Thus, BMW became the first motorcycle manufacturer to officially cancel its participation in two of Europe’s major motorcycle shows.

BMW’s press release is rather succinct and explains this decision by the atmosphere of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic (read: we really don’t know what to expect next week, what can we say about what will happen in six months). All planned announcements and premieres will be held at “alternative” platforms, which will allow Bavarians to plan events in a new format that will not be affected by the pandemic.

BMW Motorrad will showcase the new products and announcements expected at the show on alternative platforms in fall 2020. With this step, the company wants to increase the share of alternative means of communication, including digital format, – according to a press release of the company.

A number of manufacturers, including Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM, have also used digital platforms to announce their latest products. For example, Ducati used the streaming service to broadcast the event online during the technical presentation of the new Streetfighter V4, while Honda and Suzuki organized “virtual” motorcycle show.

At the time of this writing, BMW has not announced which format they consider preferred for the announcement of new products. However, the anticipated announcement of the R18 cruiser took place as scheduled on April 3 online.

Another news from April 3, 2020: following BMW, another well-known European motorcycle brand, KTM, is forced to cancel its participation in 2020 events and return to normal practices only at the age of 21. KTM, along with sister brands Husqvarna and GasGas, are planning no events at Intermot or EICMA in 2020.

The Austrians, following the Germans, were forced to change their plans, and in this difficult period it turned out to be the best decision for them to refuse to participate in two exhibitions. In addition to complying with social distancing guidelines, this solution is designed to protect KTM employees. Moreover, their press release recommends that EICMA be canceled altogether:

Trade shows are key events for the entire motorcycle industry, but given the situation, the health of visitors and the well-being of our employees are our highest goals. We accepted this scenario taking into account all the circumstances, and KTM AG would be grateful if the organizers of the motorcycle show, in particular EICMA, consider it reasonable to postpone them to 2021, when, we hope and believe, the situation will be resolved and the situation will return to normal. – said KTM Marketing Director Hubert Trunenpolz.

As with the company’s new 890 Duke R, other KTM models are also expected to be announced digitally.

To say that the current health and welfare crisis has had a negative impact on the motorcycle industry is an understatement. Almost all production of motor vehicles around the world has been stopped, and the financial damage for many manufacturers will be monstrous. News of shutdowns and shutdowns is becoming a familiar background, but when the two largest motorcycle manufacturers report significant changes in plans and business strategies, it’s still frustrating.

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