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KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas reported revenues. Statistics 2020

Last year was not the easiest for the motorcycle industry, but many manufacturers have passed all the tests with flying colors. In the third quarter reports, some (such as the Americans Polaris or the Chinese NIU) published sales figures that would have done honor to dealer networks in a normal year, not to mention the times of a pandemic. And BMW actually managed to take the second consecutive record for annual sales.

For Harley Davidson, things were not so rosy. And yet, in general, motorcycle manufacturers should be grateful for how we entered 2021. Another example of this trend is the Pierer Mobility Group, the parent company of KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas.

Total reported revenues for 2020 were € 1.53 billion (or about US $ 1.83 billion). This is 1% higher than the 2019 result of 1.52 billion euros or $ 1.818. While other industries have sent on leave without pay or laid off numerous employees, Pierer was happy to hire 218 more people in 2020. They did not say whether full-time or full-time, but the fact itself is encouraging.

How many motorcycles have been sold?

How many motorcycles have been sold? Worldwide, KTM sold 212,713 orange motorcycles, 49046 units were sold under the Husqvarna brand, and 8648 units were sold to GasGas. The total is 270,407 motorcycles. And even if this is almost 10 thousand less than last year’s 280099 units, but taking into account the circumstances, this is not bad either. If we take into account the growth in revenue, then we will come to the logical conclusion that more expensive models sold better in 2020.

Electric scooters remain an important part of Pierer’s future strategy. The group plans to expand sales of electric vehicles in Europe in 2021 and in North America in 2022. Partnerships with India’s Bajaj and China’s CF Moto will help Pierer expand into these markets, including electric offerings.

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