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KTM partially relocated to the Philippines

KTM partially relocated to the Philippines

The production of the KTM 790 Duke and Adventure is based in the Philippines and for the first time the 790 Series motorcycles are assembled outside of Austria.

KTM Philippines

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has made a significant impact on the new motorcycle market in the Philippines. Having launched the production of 390 Duke there a few years ago, they made motor vehicles of increased cubic capacity more accessible to the Filipinos (they mostly drive 125-150-200 cc vehicles there, so 373 cubes from Duke is really a lot for local residents) – in no small measure due to a decrease not only costs, but also various duties. A couple of years later, in 2017, KTM Philippines partnered with the Ayala Group to set up a world-class manufacturing facility dedicated to the assembly of all 200s and 390s Duke and RC models, both for the domestic market and for neighboring countries.

Despite the global pandemic, KTM is doing well around the world, and especially in the Philippines. So good that they have expanded the local division’s product range to include the 790 Duke, 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure R. This means these bikes will be assembled outside of Austria for the first time.

Of course, manufacturing in a local factory will have a positive impact on the cost of motorcycles, especially when compared to imports from Austria. For example, the 790 Duke will fall in price by about a third, and this is a very significant amount for the local market.

KTM Philippines said the locally-built motorcycles will hit stores in July and are open for pre-orders. The highly acclaimed LC8 inline-two that powers the KTM 790 Series produces 105 horsepower in the Duke version and 99 horsepower in the Adventure version. The bikes are equipped with a modern set of on-board electronics, including tilt tracking traction control and several riding modes. It has not yet been announced whether there will be separate versions for the Asian market, or whether the equipment and capabilities of the three 790s will not change as a result of the transfer of production to the local site.

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