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Kymco factory from Taiwan to Italy

Electric motorcycle Kymco RevoNEX

Kymco surprised us twice with their RevoNEX, and the first time when they showed it at an exhibition. It was an extremely unusual concept for an electric motorcycle, including at least a six-speed gearbox and a sound generator for increased visibility on the road.

They surprised the second time quite recently, announcing that the RevoNEX will be the brand’s first motorcycle to be produced outside of Taiwan. And most importantly, where ?! In Italy !!!

Made in Italy by Kymco

Can you imagine? Italy, the birthplace of legendary, top-end motorcycle brands, with expensive labor and a full production cycle. An Italy that prides itself on everything it does, from pasta to airplanes. This is probably the point:

I am happy to announce that the RevoNEX will be mass-produced in a facility under construction in Europe, making this model our first product manufactured for global distribution under the Taiwanese Made in Italy brand from Kymco, ”said Ke Shenfeng, Chairman of Kymco’s parent company, Gwangyang Group.

At first glance, this may seem like an attempt to compete directly with the Italian manufacturer Energica. But it’s not that. According to the chairman of Kymco Allen Ko, the production of RevoNEX is moved to Europe simply because Europe is the key market for this model. This will reduce transport costs and make it much easier to assemble large batteries in the EU instead of from Asia due to the stringent safety rules regarding battery shipping.

Well, this is another step for Kymco to not only play on the same field with the big players, but also to become one of them. The brand is rapidly expanding its lineup with many really interesting models such as the F9, KRV, DT X360 and CV3. And you know, somehow it will not be surprising at all to find out that the assembly of some of them will take place in Europe, mainly for the same reasons as RevoNEX. Kymco’s entry to Europe makes sense also because mid-size motorcycles are much more popular here than in the States, and part of the company’s already produced line (the same scooters) have a good chance of success here.

And there, you see, big V-twins will appear … and if this idea seems to you a joke, then re-read the article again.

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