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Lamborghini and Ducati remain part of the VW Group

Rumors that Ducati may leave the cozy nest under the wing of the VW Group have been circulating almost since the time it, that is, Ducati, fell under this very wing. However, in November 2020, under these rumors, there was such solid ground that there were real chances for them to come true. After all, the information came from the chief executive officer of VW Herbert Diess. (Ducati and Lamborghini. Changes in the premium gasoline segment)

VW Group plans

He spoke about the plans and priorities of the VW Group and that Ducati and Lamborghini do not fit into the Group’s vision of modern means of individual mobility, electric, equipped with a connection with a smartphone. From his words, it turned out that the Group needed to assess the cost of ownership of these two brands and their value to the enterprise, and also consider the possibility of merging them together with Italdesign into a separate enterprise to facilitate the sale.

However, on December 14, 2020, the Volkswagen Supervisory Board met to discuss the Group’s broader strategy, Together 2025+. Under this name, it is planned to make a small revolution – digitalization and electrification of VW Group products and all its brands. And to achieve this goal, the entire group will have to improve efficiency and profitability.

It is planned by the milestone – 2023 – to reduce fixed costs by 5%, and the cost of materials – by 7%. It is not yet clear how much of these cost-cutting strategies will fall on Ducati, but they will definitely fall as “The Council has decided that Lamborghini and Ducati will remain part of the Volkswagen Group”, according to a statement released by the company. Meanwhile, another brand, Bentley, is also being taken over by the Audi Group, so soon the luxury brands will have to work together to tackle the challenge of electrifying their products.

What changed? We do not know what exactly is happening at such meetings, but it is worth noting that the timeframe was not announced in the statement on the preservation of the two brands in VW. So how long they stay is unknown. After all, the world is changing so rapidly that it is possible to keep up with the wishes of the consumer only by developing in various directions.

In November 2020, Diss mentioned the Group’s short, medium and long term plans. At the moment, the financial position of the VW Group is quite stable, and they do not need to make any sudden changes, and any systematic changes simply should not happen too quickly. Now the Group can afford to observe or change plans according to the circumstances.

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