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Leather outfit has a worthy competitor

Leather equipment is legendary. It is not in vain that it is loved among sports protection, and leather jackets, gloves and vests are also respected. Traditionally, it was real leather that was the first reliable protection for the body of a motorcyclist and is recognized as such all over the world. Until now, people are sure that there is nothing better than skin. But time passes, progress does not stand still.

Modern equipment is very wide in the selection of materials, so sometimes even a textile line can compete for leadership.

Among Icon’s equipment, an interesting material has appeared, which, in terms of characteristics, has properties that are better than leather.

Ax Suede Laredo – what is it?

Ax Suede Laredo material is a synthetic development that looks like leather. Many do not distinguish synthetic from natural, the similarity is so close visually.

Synthetic leather is different from leatherette, it is not the same thing. Ax Suede Laredo will not crack like leatherette. The manufacturer even allows washing, which cannot be done with genuine leather.

In the composition of Ax Suede Laredo, you can find polyesters that increase its characteristics compared to natural leather.

What is special about this material?

Ax Suede Laredo is designed to replace natural leather, as not everyone agrees to use the latter for ethical reasons. It is difficult to refuse natural leather, because there was nothing more interesting on the market, especially since over the decades it has entered the minds of motorcyclists as an integral part of the motorcycle world. The transition to synthetics is controversial – new products are alarming conservatives.

Ax Suede Laredo in Icon Outfit appears on the following models:

The advantages of synthetic leather are that it “breathes” no worse than natural leather, is responsible for thermoregulation, and resists moisture.

Nowadays, the material is most often found on the palm of gloves, since Ax Suede Laredo is more resistant to abrasion and fracture. Among other things, increased sensitivity must be added to the characteristics, which explains the use on the surface of the palm.

Please note that synthetic leather began to appear in equipment as a reinforcement of vulnerable spots, for example, in the Icon Brigand motorcycle vest there are such inserts on the shoulders. Manufacturers are beginning to replace high-friction elements with synthetics.

An additional plus of the material is that it is certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), which is important for people who care about the environment.

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