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Limited edition Ural – what to expect in 2021

Motorcyclists eagerly follow what advanced models the market offers. What’s with the old Harley? Many watched the online presentation of the 2021 Ducati range. They look at what the giants of Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have and what the Germans have. While we are studying the new products of the motorcycle industry in other countries, how many of us know that our Irbit motorcycle plant in the Sverdlovsk region has produced?

Due to the fact that the modern “Ural” is focused on the external market, and not on the domestic one, our drivers are not particularly aware of the plant’s activities. Honestly, compatriots are strained by the cost of the new “Urals” against the background of associations from childhood stuck in their heads, when at almost every dacha there was an old “wheelchair”, if not “Ural”, then “Dnepr”, “Jupiter” or “Planet”.

Yes, in Russia there are hundreds of places and routes on which one would like to accept the challenge of the elements and be distinguished by extreme adventures in the mountains, fords, steppes … However, our motorcyclists look for this something foreign and without a sidecar. Here’s a paradox: the country produces motorcycles that it doesn’t ride. New models are sent to conquer the ridges of other continents, while the local “Kulibins” on their knees resurrect the tales of the country, which remained in the history books. At the same time, foreigners love our “Ural”, in some places they are fanatics, and can afford such an expensive pleasure.

Meanwhile, the plant produces limited editions every year. Have you heard of the Ural Yamal Limited Edition? This is a model inspired by the Yamal nuclear icebreaker. Curiously, what goes with the motorcycle is … an oar. It is not joke! Really … paddle! See for yourself.

Or a model inspired by space stations. There is an interesting version of the Air Limited Edition – a motorcycle with a drone in a specially equipped compartment inside the sidecar. This bike does not have an oar, but it does have a wind cone…. on a selfie stick. It is necessary to somehow determine the strength and direction of the wind to launch the drone. What was the inspiration for the domestic “Ural”.

The plant had a version of Ural Baikal Limited Edition dedicated to Lake Baikal. There are known examples of the type of travelers Hubert Kriegel and Chinzo, who for two weeks bravely crossed the lake in 40 degrees below zero and lived right on the ice. Romance.

2021 ATV

In 2021, the plant offers a limited edition with only 20 units of motorcycles – Ural GearUp GEO Limited Edition. Its idea is simple – an off-road motorcycle that will take the owner anywhere, even if there is no road. Absolutely.

The bike is known to be based on the standard GearUp model, but features several options to enhance the off-road performance of the all-terrain vehicle. Features include Nitron adjustable suspension, renowned for its high-performance racing shocks. Used branded Heidenau rubber.

Note the high exhaust 2 in 1 GPR for off-road use. The RotopaX tank is also on the list of features. Throughout the motorcycle, additional protection is visible in case of unforeseen circumstances and if you have to take the enemy with a ram or rush somewhere, leaving a clearing behind you. From this point of view, the good old “Ural” is true to itself – a civilian tank. I recognize grandpa.

Great emphasis is placed on camouflage livery, which is a kind of reference to the military past of the Soviet Ural. The manufacturer says the paint is applied by hand.

By the way, the bike does not weigh as much as it might seem. The dry weight is only 330 kilograms. And the maximum allowable weight is 600 kilograms. The number of gears is 5, of which 4 are forward and 1 is reverse.

There is an interesting moment in the video about the new product. Provided that the main characters communicate in a different language, female abuse in Russian is heard from the phone.

And again we return to where we started, namely to the price of the issue, which saddens compatriots so much every year. For the limited version, they ask for from $ 26,999 in the United States, which translated into Russian rubles is about 1,988,657.24. Yes, this bike is not for our market, but after all, it is no longer a Soviet motorcycle. And other spare parts are used here. In many ways, a motorcycle that has more history and is bought like an updated Indian for history. After all, no one doubts that the “Ural” will pass fire, water and copper pipes, especially for that kind of money.

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