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Meeting of the organizers of the MXGP. Rewarding, interview, plan for 2019.

Meeting organizers MXGP

Monaco (Principality of Monaco), 4 December 2018.

The annual meeting of the MXGP organizers took place in Andorra. This annual event brought together all the organizers of the upcoming FIM World Motocross Championship. The new organizers had a chance to get acquainted with the successful strategies of their more experienced associates, who have been in this field for a long time. Marionna Leiva, director of communications and marketing services for Youthstream, opened the evening.


She introduced those present including Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo, Youthstream Vice President David Luongo, Directors Nikos Junaris, Daniella Rizzi and Didier Henrio, and FIM representatives: FIM / CMS Director Tony Skillington, FIM Race Director Ingo Partash and Director of Medical Affairs FIM by David McManus. In addition, the event was attended by various organizers of the MXGP 2019 stages, including a delegation from Shanghai.

At the evening, a presentation was made about all the departments of Youthstream, the organizers heard a lot of useful information and tips that will help them to conduct their stages of 2019 in the best possible way. Old and new competition venues were also presentedincluding Shanghai in China, Palembang in Indonesia, Uddevala in Sweden, Hong Kong and finally the 2019 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations race at the famous Assen TT circuit in the Netherlands.

Meeting of the organizers of the MXGP.  Rewarding, interview, plan for 2019.

Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo also took the stage and greeted everyone present. He spoke very positively about the 2018 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations race, in which many athletes not only demonstrated, but also developed their abilities and talents. Mr. Luongo also talked about the importance of the Program for aspiring athletes, it promotes professionalism of riders and closer collaboration between Youthstream, FIM and local organizers.

Giuseppe Luongo:

We are all here because we love this sport. We are creating the future, a large number of children take part in the European Championship and MX2. They boast very high speeds, and it was they who raised the level of MXGP to the existing one.

Mr. Luongo also expressed his joy at welcoming all the organizers as members of the MXGP family, he mentioned the need to raise the level of the championship, perfecting all the details. He especially emphasized the growth in the number of spectators and the improvement in the convenience of the venues.

Tony Skillington:

The 2018 season has been fantastic and inspiring, and I’m happy to be a part of this world. All we see is growth, professionalism, dedication to hard work. In my youth, I myself was an organizer, so I understand exactly how much time and effort these people spend to arrange such high-quality events.

After that, the organizers from Russia and China said a few words. The representatives of Shanghai thanked for the honor of being a part of this event in Andorra, for the opportunity to learn new things, share their own knowledge and introduce their city to the world.

Meeting of the organizers of the MXGP.  Rewarding, interview, plan for 2019.

The event took place on the eve of the FIM Annual Awards at the Andorra la Vella Sports Arena. The champions of all disciplines of the 2018 FIM gathered here for a festive dinner. Among all the special guests, journalists and representatives of the Federations, first of all, the following took the stage for their awards: MXGP World Champion Jeffrey Herlings, MX2 World Champion Jorge Prado, WMX World Champion Kiara Fontanesi, Junior World Champions Bailey Malkevich and Caden Braswell, and Snocross World Champion Adam Renheim.

Now that the organizers have received all the necessary information, the 2019 season has become a little closer, the first race will take place in March.

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