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Men’s Icon Motorcycle Jackets – Spring 2020

We’ve already seen the motorcycle helmets update, but what about the motorcycle jackets? Icon offered several new products, which are divided into male and female features of the anatomical cut. Including the series already familiar to motorcyclists were continued.

It should be noted that girls can also choose a model for themselves among men’s motorcycle jackets, but since Icon has new items among women’s motorcycle jackets, we will consider them separately.


Motorcycle jackets suitable for those who love aggressive riding and fast sports bikes. By and large, this is an alternative option for track equipment when you don’t want to take a jumpsuit. An urban option that suits the owner of a motorcycle with a sporty fit.

The jackets are available in three colors.

The materials are made from a combination of a specially processed cowhide – TrackSpec, which is 1.1-1.3 mm thick and textile inserts. If you look closely, you can see elastic inserts, the level is like a tracksuit!

The motorcycle jacket is distinguished by a special level of ventilation due to the dual-use pockets and the elaboration of perforated places. The chest pockets are deep, which is definitely a bonus for the urban reckless driver. The processing of the neckline of the jacket is soft, because it uses microfleece.

The sleeves are curved at the elbow. Anatomical cut is as close as possible to motorcycle racing standards. At the waist we see belts for adjusting the fit, and also find a zipper with which you can fasten Hypersport 2 motorcycle pants to the jacket.

It should be noted that the jacket has reflective elements. On the race track this is not very important, but in the city, when driving in bad weather, it is a small bonus to the visibility of the motorcyclist on the road.

The protection is complemented by D3O on the back, elbows and shoulders.

These models are tested and certified according to FprEN 17092-2: 2019 grade AAA.


This line is familiar to many and has already firmly taken its place on the shelves of motorcyclists. These jackets are especially popular with sport bike owners, but not necessarily sport bikes. In the spring of 2020, Icon offers users two variations of CONTRA 2.


Already from the name it becomes clear that the secret of these models is in the level of ventilation. The combination of leather and textiles makes the jacket versatile, especially with so many zippers that regulate ventilation. Please note that there are special zippers on the arms that allow you to regulate the flow of the headwind to blow on the body. There is also perforation on the chest.

Icon is confident that these models can be used not only in hot periods, but also in moderate weather.

The sleeves of the jacket are curved at the elbow for a more athletic fit. There are fasteners to adjust the jacket to your figure. The set is completed with D3O inserts.

The jacket is tested and certified according to FprEN 17092-4: 2018 class A. Available in two colors.


A warmer version of the jacket compared to the previous model. Yes, a combination of leather and textiles is also used here, just fewer perforated inserts so that the motorcyclist will not freeze if he often travels in unfavorable weather. The rest of the fit is similarly designed for a playful driving style, the sleeves are slightly curved for a sporty fit.

There are fasteners that adjust the jacket to the figure. Quite an acceptable option for a city driver living in temperate latitudes, where there is a place for morning fogs, cold winds, and warm sun.

Jackets include D3O protective inserts and certification according to FprEN 17092-4: 2018 class A.

The models are available in two colors.


When it comes to Raiden models, we understand that these are jackets for trips not only on clean autobahns, but also on routes where the driver has to overcome dirt, sand, and no asphalt in general. Raiden jackets withstand heavy rain and even wet snow.

In general, the models can be characterized as loose fit and their combination with other clothes. Fitting clasps are needed not only for fitting, but also to reduce windage in a headwind.

The textile jacket is crafted from advanced materials such as the Dupont® 3-layer nylon shell, Teflon® DWR material – which provides water resistance and breathability.

Potential vulnerabilities are reinforced with 500D Cordura®. There is an additional study of seams, waterproof YKK® zippers. The jackets have reflective elements, which is definitely a plus for traveling in low-light places.

For rider convenience, there are two interior zippered pockets, two waterproof pockets and two large bottom pockets. Raiden models are available in two versions.

The jacket is completed with D3O protective inserts.


The Hooligan textile motorcycle jackets are designed to remind motorcyclists that they can play by their own rules. The lightweight textiles, which are integrated with Iron Weave Mesh panels, result in a decent level of ventilation and comfort for wearers on hot days.

The jacket has sleeves curved at the elbows. This creates a sporty silhouette. A waist strap adjusts to fit your jacket, while waterproof YKK® zippers and Custom Icon® graphics complete the look.

D3O inserts protect the back, elbows and shoulders.

The jacket is available in five colors:


This model is in many ways similar to the previous one, the only difference is in the increased number of perforated inserts, due to which the rider will feel comfortable even on the hottest days.

Perforation does not make the jacket weaker in terms of protection. The model is certified and meets all the necessary quality standards.


MERC jackets are popular in urban driving. Therefore, it is not surprising that Icon decided to add another model to them.

Soft textile jacket with polyurethane coating, does not contain open ventilation holes or nets, instead of which zippers are sewn into the armpits. Due to this, the jacket can withstand light rain and does not lose ventilation.

The jacket has a hood and large kangaroo pockets, waterproof YKK zippers and a headphone channel. Everything a modern city dude jacket should have.

While riding, the wearer will be protected by D3O inserts on the shoulders, elbows and back.


The textile mesh jacket is ideal for hot weather. A relaxed fit favors a relaxed fit. Excellent ventilation for all-day comfort.

Jacket created using Iron Weave Mesh material. In the most vulnerable places, we see reinforcement from Cordura. The set is completed with protective inserts on the shoulders, elbows and back made of D3O.

Simple and concise style, nothing more. There are reflective material inclusions. The jackets are available in two designs.

Absolutely all models of jackets are certified and meet the necessary safety standards.

Even if all new items are treated by Icon as more men, this does not prohibit women from choosing them for themselves. It is important, as they say, that the suit fits. All models have the ability to adjust the jacket according to your figure, so there is no reason to refuse a purchase if the jacket suits you well.

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