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Mini motorcycles, balance bikes from Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson has applied to register two emblems for electric two-wheelers.

Applications have been filed with the European Intellectual Property Service for logos for electric bicycles and electric motorcycles (“and also for accessories for them”). Probably, similar applications will soon reach the American Patent and Intellectual Property Office.

Mini motorcycles, balance bikes from Harley Davidson

The first logo is a ring with the Harley Davidson wordmark and a lightning bolt running through it. The second logo depicts a shield (but not the same as on the familiar Harley logo) with the letters HD, through which the image of a lightning bolt also passes. However, it is not yet clear if Harley Davidson intends to use one badge for bicycles and the other for motorcycles, or if both can be used for both types of products.

Rude boy

Harley has previously applied for trademark registration “Rude Boy” for e-bikes, and it’s not hard to imagine any of the emblems on the prototypes we’ve seen so far.

Harley Davidson electric minibike

We also know that Harley is developing “low power” an electric minibike that also needs a logo. In addition, the development of an electric motorcycle is reported. “medium power”, which will take place in the line before “powerful” LiveWire. Harley Davidson has published a teaser render of this model, codenamed “EDT600R”visible on the body kit.

IronE Electric Balance Bikes

Harley Davidson marketed the IronE line of electric balance bikes, but they were released under the usual HD logo. Thus, it is unlikely that the new logos will be used for products intended for children.

Harley Davidson has not announced when the new electric vehicles will go on sale, but the filings indicate that it will be in the not too distant future.

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