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Motobots – types, materials. What to choose?

Motoboots – they are the ones who protect your foot in any incomprehensible situation, whether it be twisting, kinking, any turn that contradicts the anatomical position of the ankle. Motorcyclist shoes are just as specialized a piece of protection as a motorcycle pants, jacket or gloves.

Motobots – classifications and material

Motobots are divided into:

  • High
  • Short
  • Sports
  • Motocross
  • Tourist
  • Urban

Materials will always focus on increased safety, moisture and thermal protection. Speaking of materials, these are mainly:

  • Leather
  • Textile
  • Nylon

Additional materials will be elements made of plastic, polyurethane and metal inserts, hinges, mounts, sliders. Don’t forget about a high-quality sole, the design of which has its own practical meaning. The pilot’s foot must not slip off the motorcycle steps. And, ideally, motorboots should have a leg rise in the form of a small heel, even if it is not particularly noticeable visually.

Don’t forget the lining. Internal content depends on the goals pursued. Most attention is paid to lining in touring models, where comfort must be at its best, since the rider is in such shoes for a very long time.

Civilian shoes are not adapted to the stresses of motorcycle life, in particular, they are unlikely to be able to protect you from a fall, and sometimes completely unstick when resisting the wind at high speeds. Motorboots have a rigid frame, even a hinge system that is comfortable to walk in, and an anatomical cut with reinforced toe and heel.

Motorbots are easily divided according to their purpose, depending on the class of the motorcycle. On the shelves you will find sports models for both track and motocross / enduro: usually oversized boots for more protection from injury. Models for the racetrack are made of leather, and for cross and enduro they are made of nylon and plastic. Tourist and urban models can be both high and low, but always as comfortable / practical as possible, because the pilot will have to travel a lot, walk in them. Among the latter, there is the widest selection of insulated models for those who like to travel in bad weather.

High or Low?

Let’s be honest? High motorcycle boots are more reliable, simply because they additionally fix the ankle, and if you wear motorcycle pants “under the boots”, then when you fall, the pants do not lift up, there is more protection for twisting and kinking. A separate topic with burns. The legs suffer the most from the hot engine and pipes. The high shaft protects even from this.

Motorboots should be chosen with mandatory fitting and in strict accordance with the class of the motorcycle, as well as with your travel goals. If you’re gearing up for a traumatic adventure, look for tall models, and when you’re looking for a quick, unobstructed ride to work, short boots are the way to go. Please note that sports models are designed exclusively for the track, driving in city traffic in such shoes may not be very exciting, especially for motocross boots, which are not at all preferable to use in the city for everyday wear due to the rigidity of the structure. Tall tourist or urban leather models are another matter entirely. Touring high models are very popular with motorcyclists.

For urban riders, many low models can be found. Moreover, for everyday comfort, you will even find motocross shoes that are particularly durable and lightweight, but outwardly do not differ much from simple ones. An experienced pilot will always see the amplification of such motocross shoes, guess about the presence of D3O inserts, yes, they are also found in motocross shoes!

The motocross shoe pairs beautifully with moto jeans and suits any urban rider who doesn’t have the time or inclination to change constantly. Heat-resistant materials, a decent level of moisture protection and a reinforced sole, forefoot and heel make them durable for urban traffic activists.

When choosing motorcycle boots for constant wear, pay attention to how comfortable it is for you to move in such shoes. After all, if you expect to use them not only to ride, but also to walk a lot, they should be versatile enough for driving and walking, although I will not argue, such a symbiosis is sometimes difficult to find. The motorcycle has reinforced seams, reliable fasteners, strong zippers, protective inserts, there can be sliders and hinge systems, as well as texture on the upper surface of the toe for the gear shift foot.

Experienced motorcyclists have at least two pairs of motorcycle boots. First, for different weather conditions. Tall and leather are suitable for the opening and closing of the season, when the air temperature jumps like a dashing off-road endurist. Secondly, in the off-season it is constantly drizzling or the road is full of puddles / mud, why get your trousers dirty when you can use high motor boots?

The second pair of motorcycle shoes is needed to change to warm dry trips, here it is already practical to use short and textile options.

Shoe covers

Since rains are not a joy on the road, no matter how far you are going to travel, shoe covers will come in handy. They will save your shoes from getting wet, and you from inconvenience. Sealed cases for motorbots will do a good job in the city and on long journeys, while they do not take up much space in the backpack. Even in the off-season, it is reasonable to use shoe covers in order not to get the motorcycle boots dirty.

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