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MotoCaps – what are they and who needs them?

I rummage on the Internet, look at the sites of dealers for cool motorcycle pants. I think what to do, it seems that you need to ride in something, but it’s a pity to waste time changing from road equipment into work clothes, and you can’t go in simple pants: if you fall, they make sense from them as from a plastic bag, and work clothes are clean will cease to be after the first puddle, even if I’m not going to storm it, but a cheerful fret-sedan-eggplant, in which I am in the blind zone. How to be?

Logic dictates that you need to look, starting from the problem. What if you were looking for something to wear over your main clothing? Well, yes, you go like a nesting doll, but the work clothes are clean. The first to see trousers Overpant, Overlord Textile. Icon kindly suggests that this miracle can be worn over casual trousers. In other words, you put on before the trip, and upon arrival you take them off, like shoe covers or a raincoat. Practical. I’ll take a note.

Further glance clings to .. motochaps? Forgive me?

This type of equipment is not particularly traditional for Russian roads – it is rarely found in the city. But if it does occur, then you can be sure that the Audience Choice Award definitely goes to the piggy bank of that trush biker who decided to wear it. Chaps themselves are an element derived from cowboy culture. Someone will even remember the old movie about the motorcyclists of the Marlboro cowboy and Harley Davidson. No, this does not mean that the pilot in chaps is wearing a cowboy hat instead of a helmet, just the appearance changes dramatically. Initially, chaps were used by cowboys to protect them from branches, thorns, dirt and any other nasty travel accompanying travel that could ruin their mood and clothes. Motorcyclists gladly borrowed such a useful piece of wardrobe. For Americans, chaps are more than a common piece of equipment that is considered a true style. And indeed, they look gorgeous against the background of some V-shape with a volume per liter and the structure of the suspension of the front fork protruding far ahead on a huge powerful wheel, which is knee-deep in the sea and the Highway is not our Moscow Ring Road.

Moto-tops are usually leather. Their structure is outrageously elementary, and most importantly – convenient. You have a belt with buckles and ties, to which the legs are attached on both sides, bypassing the groin area. In other words, nothing holds your hips in the fit, no folds bite into interesting places, nothing distracts from the road. The legs themselves are also adjustable and have a wrap-around bottom to make it easy to put on and take off. Like in that movie: the pants turn …

Pros and cons of using such equipment


  • Very easy to use
  • A big time-saver, you just zip up your chaps like a raincoat and go about your business
  • Easy to adjust, can be adjusted to almost any shape
  • Additional protection against dirt, moisture. Thermal protection and heat retention. Chaps keep your feet warm in cold weather.
  • Do not constrict the hips in any riding position on the motorcycle
  • You can put on any protection under them, combine with any clothes. Wide fit fits both jeans and knee pads
  • Stylish original look


In the minuses, there is perhaps one – weak protection of the hip part of the body. Since chaps do not protect the hips, tailbone and pelvic organs, then with any fall, you seriously risk injury. Ideally, combine chaps with additional protection, knowing this design flaw.

Who are motochaps suitable for?

In fact, motochaps are a really cool piece of urban outfit. They save you a lot of time by protecting the work clothing you expect to be worn outside the motorcycle. They are not particularly suitable for long journeys, but in the city – why not? If you are ready to combine them with additional protection, then driving them to work or to the nearest bar for a cup of coffee with friends is the cutest thing. Therefore, if your usual route takes the way from home to office, from the office on business and back home, then chaps can be a good solution so as not to carry a bag of work clothes with you. It doesn’t matter what the sofa critics from the tram will say, poking their fingers on Lenin Square, stupidly joking about your style of the Wild West. You are on a horse and this is the main thing!

The moto-ups are a perfect match for any heavy road bike. They will not look good with every urban model, sports bikes and scooters are generally passed by, but regardless of gender and engine power, chaps make you the center of attention among other motorcyclists, chaps look too exotic on Russian roads.

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