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Motorcycle ergonomics – what is it?

How do we choose our motorcycle? For some it happens like love, at first sight, saw, sat down and realized that this is it. But for pragmatists, the choice of a motorcycle consists of several mandatory points:

  • The high cost of a motorcycle and spare parts for it
  • Ease of landing
  • Beauty, style
  • Fit for purpose

It is precisely the item “convenience” that defines the concept of “ergonomics”, the essence of which is the development of the maximum convenience of using a motorcycle by a person.

Which parts of the motorcycle are ergonomics concerned with?

  • Steering wheel and control levers
  • Landing, sitting position
  • Footrests
  • Gear shifting

Steering wheel and control levers

Ergonomics in a motorcycle is determined by the position of the handlebars. As much as it is convenient for the pilot to reach the steering wheel and squeeze the control levers, the ride is so comfortable for him. Agree, when it is difficult for you to drive with a steering wheel that does not fit your body build, you spend precious time not only on the reaction to the situation itself, but also on the effort to perform the action. So if the owner of the motorcycle is a girl, and the steering wheel is huge and wide, it will be difficult for her to quickly maneuver.

Likewise with the control levers. If their position on the handlebars is such that you find it difficult to use them when you need them most, driving the motorcycle will not be a joy. This happens when the clutch lever is very tight. First-seasons are often mistaken and abandon the lever due to the fact that the hand is not used to its severity.

Landing, sitting position

Planting is of great importance in erogonomics. Everything depends on how the pilot sits. If it is convenient for him, he will not be distracted by stiff muscles and endless fidgeting. A good seating position and height is the key to a good viewing angle. Landing determines how quickly the pilot can switch gears, how comfortable it is for him to put his feet on the steps and lean on the steering wheel.

A poor fit will make your ride less efficient and less comfortable.


The question of the position of the footpegs during the purchase is not always troubling. But in the process of driving and running in, too high or far-set footpegs are inconvenient. Especially when the seat and footrests form an extremely awkward position. Tall sports bike pilots suffer from this. Firstly, the landing there is not a fountain, and secondly, a large growth causes problems with stiff muscles with too high and close-set footrests.

And then, gear shifting and rear brake require you to move your feet from the footboard to the shifter levers. If the footpegs are uncomfortable, you are wasting valuable time again.

Gear shifting

And yes, gear shifting as well as other control levers should be as comfortable to use as possible. If the checkpoint causes problems, then you are distracted from the traffic situation. The ergonomics of the gearbox lies not in its serviceability, but in the ease of shifting, the convenience of the location of the lever.


The ergonomics of a motorcycle include many factors, from the height and length of the working base, to the shape of the windshield, behind which it would be more convenient for you to hide from the headwind. The essence of this section of motorcycle construction can be reduced to a simple algorithm: think about what to do, and not be distracted by the process and struggle with inconvenience.

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