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Motorcycle gloves – for what purposes and what models can they be?

Gloves in the motorcycle world can be considered a consumable item. And there are never enough gloves. Never. Just as a modern fashionista has a wardrobe full of different shoes, an experienced motorcyclist has a whole shelf with gloves for any occasion, especially, as practice shows, gloves wear out faster than any other piece of equipment.

Motorcycle gloves can be divided into subspecies:

  • Short
  • Long
  • Leather
  • Textile
  • With fingers
  • No fingers
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Demi-season

Motorcycle gloves – short or long? With or without fingers?

When it comes to choosing short or long gloves, the correct answer is both. The bottom line is that long gloves are good in cold weather. They perfectly cover the sleeve of the jacket, protecting it from the wind blowing out. And if they are also leather, then all the advantages of leather are on the face: moisture protection, abrasion resistance. Such gloves are usually warmer than textile gloves. In addition, long gloves protect your hands in case of a fall, because if you wear gloves on the sleeve of the jacket, at the moment of rubbing against the asphalt, the sleeves of the jacket will not bulge or roll off. Additional wrist protection.

If you want to have gloves for the summer, then short models with perforations are a good choice. Sometimes for hot summer races, they buy fingerless gloves. Buying them is fraught with falling, they are undoubtedly elegantly ventilated, but absolutely do not protect your fingers when flying on the asphalt.

When buying fingerless gloves, do not forget that your hands are not adequately protected not only from wind, rain or asphalt, your fingers will also be exposed to the sun’s rays, which guarantees you a kind of original tan on your hands.

Textile or leather?

Leather gloves, like any other leather equipment, are a tribute to history and have all the advantages and disadvantages. They can be designed for different seasons depending on the density of the skin. Long ones are considered especially successful among leather models, because they are so loved by professional motorcycle racers and drivers of sports models. Of course, they have an increased level of wear protection, protection from rain and cold is also at an altitude. But again we run into the need to care for such products more carefully than for textiles.

Leather gloves are often complemented by protective inserts, sliders, external and internal protection. Different linings are possible.

Textile gloves can also vary in characteristics and level of protection. Textile gloves are usually more comfortable in a short version and lighter in the summer heat. They are loved for their ease of care, for a variety of material combinations. The choice of summer, demi-season and winter models among textiles is so wide that you can choose for hours! The basic rule is the comfort and tightness of the gloves, they should not dangle on your hands!

Motorcycle gloves necessarily have levels of protection, these can be inserts and overlays, both on the knuckles and on the surface of the palm, the little finger and ring fingers sewn together prevent fingers from wringing in a fall.

Touchscreen function

A separate nice bonus is the touchscreen. On the surface of the fingers of the gloves there are inserts of a special material that allow you to work with smartphones without taking off your equipment. Gloves with this option are very convenient in the city, when you do not waste precious time to take off or put on gloves, but you can open your route on your smartphone almost immediately while you are in a traffic jam.

Are there any rain gloves?

Few people know that there are also rain gloves. In essence, this is additional protection that is used over the top of their usual everyday gloves, like a case or shoe covers. Water-repellent material, ideally, has a rough surface on the palm for better grip. Do not neglect this method of protection, because it is much more comfortable than freezing in wet gloves when the rain stops.

Important: Since rain gloves are worn on top of basic ones, your motor skills change, as the gloves themselves become thicker as a result. When you buy such gloves, be sure to measure them on your own, and after buying, let your hands get used to.

A similar situation occurs with winter gloves. The thickness of the material affects the feel and motor skills of the hands.

Gloves can become an original addition to your image and, in addition to full-fledged hand protection, draw attention to the quality of performance, the level of firmware and the availability of additional options. Gloves have both inner and outer seams. The trick is that gloves with an outer seam are more comfortable to wear, since the stitching does not irritate your skin and you in general, but in this case the seam is open, which means it will sink faster. The opposite is true with the inner seam. First of all, you may be irritated by the stitching that rests on the skin of your fingers, but it is not open to all winds, so it lives longer.

Gloves, like most items of equipment, must fit snugly; loose models are allowed only for rain gloves or those that you plan to wear over the main ones.

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