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Motorcycle helmets – what are they and which one to choose?

When choosing a motorcycle helmet, many questions arise, the answers to which will help you make the right purchase, which will not only delight you, but will also work 1000%

Initially, you must decide for what purpose you are buying a motorcycle, because each class has its own specifics for the selection of equipment. Consider the types of helmets that we offer and the conditions for which they are created.

Types of helmets:

  • Open helmets
  • Integral / full-face (full-face)
  • Modular / flip-up (flip-up)
  • Cross Helmets
  • Dual sport

Open helmets – the lightest and least protected models that are in demand among drivers of small-capacity motorcycles and scooters. Helmets as simple as five kopecks protect only the occipital, frontal and parietal parts of the head, leaving the chin and face open. Such models can have an additional visor and are often combined with glasses, visors. The lack of a chin makes it well ventilated, noisy and traumatic at high speeds. These helmets complement the image of retro motorcycles and low-speed models in an interesting way.

Integral Is a safe bet that is ideal for any purpose other than extreme off-road driving. The closed design fully protects the rider’s head. The integrity of this helmet guarantees excellent fall protection as it has a minimum of moving parts. Integral is also called “full face”. The obvious strengths will be sound insulation, which in closed models will be one of the best, a minimum of wear parts and good aerodynamics. Integral ventilation is not up to par, although manufacturers have developed a number of ventilation ducts, and if necessary, the helmet must be removed completely. But there are very successful proposals in terms of ventilation, for example, Icon Airmada Stack.

With all this, full face is great for beginners and experienced motorcyclists traveling in dense city traffic. A separate bonus is the wide range of visors, which are easy to replace. For some, the presence of built-in glasses in the models becomes a revelation, yes, there are also such worthy offers, for example, Icon Alliance GT Operator!

Modular – he is “flip-up”. It can be called a tuned, upgraded integral. The essence of the helmet comes down to maximum comfort for the rider. This is actively used by lovers of traveling long and short distances. In order to talk, smoke a cigarette or drink coffee at the gas station, it is enough to flip the “cheek” of the helmet without removing it from the head. Such helmets always have many additional options, ranging from sunglasses to headsets. For increased comfort, you have to pay with aerodynamics, noise and excess weight. Modulars are some of the heaviest helmets you’ll see on the shelves.

Motocross helmets – highly specialized models of helmets, which are designed for cross and enduro classes. These helmets are easily recognizable by the reinforced chin and visor. Cross-country models do not have a visor, as they are adapted to wearing special cross-country glasses, which during training and races are often much more practical than a visor. Active driving implies intense breathing of the driver, so excellent ventilation is an undoubted huge plus of such helmets. Riding in them at high speeds is rather difficult because of the protective visor, which saves the athlete from the sun, rain, branches and mud, but provides a noticeable resistance to the headwind. Cross-country helmets are generally lightweight, but noisy due to their open design.

Dual sport – an upgrade of the helmet, resulting in a dual-purpose model that can be used both on public roads and off-road. These helmets are desperately loved by extreme hikers, ATVs and snowmobilers. The model is too heavy for professional racing, but very comfortable for active driving off the track. The visor and the extension of the jaw of the helmet make breathing easier, which is noticeably quicker when leaving the usual track in off-road. Dual Sport allows you to use many additional options, which undoubtedly increases comfort.

What is the difference between an expensive helmet and a cheap one?

Regarding the choice between an expensive and a cheap motorcycle helmet, I would like to note that you pay not just for the brand, not just for the materials, but for the degree of comfort and design of the helmet. Cheap helmets, like expensive ones, undergo mandatory certification, as evidenced by special signs such as ECE 2205. They are completely safe – like expensive ones. The difference lies in improved aerodynamics, in an additional ventilation system, in the possibility of installing new options and the options themselves. Among the functionality, one can single out sunglasses or headsets, pinlock visors, original coloring, elaboration of hundreds of sketches to create a unique image and a hooligan style. All this is included in the development of an expensive helmet and do not forget about the lining!

The main indicator in the struggle between a cheap and an expensive helmet will be materials. Cheap helmets are usually heavier, more angular due to the automated production of polycarbonate. The expensive models use lightweight carbon fiber, composite materials and hand molded.

The lighter the helmet, the less tired you get from riding in it.

Your driving skill level will be the deciding factor in choosing a helmet. An expensive helmet, of course, will be insanely comfortable, but experienced motorcyclists choose them, because they already know exactly what they want from their helmet, except for total protection. For beginners, security is first of all important, and additional options can be purchased later, especially after the first season you may want to change the class of the motorcycle, this happens all the time.

And finally, when choosing a helmet, fitting is MANDATORY. The helmet should fit very, very tightly. Often, Icon helmet buyers complain when they try it on for the first time that the helmet fits too tightly. But do not forget that the lining deforms during the wear process. If you buy a helmet that is free for you, it will be uncomfortable to ride in a month later. Moreover, a helmet that is not matched to size – proportionally increases your injury risk.

If you decide to order a helmet from us and you are worried that it will not suit you or you will not like it, do not worry, in case you need to change the size or model, we will definitely go to your meeting and will help you to make a good choice with all responsibility!

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