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Motorcycle vests – how much do you know about them?

In modern times, vests are bought deliberately. Their choice is quite wide, both in terms of materials and in terms of acquisition objectives. Let’s figure out why motorcyclists want to see a motorcycle vest among their equipment? What functionality does it carry, why is it convenient and what is it for?

Reasons for buying a motorcycle vest:

  • Warm weather equipment
  • The convenience of use
  • Passive body protection
  • Style attribute

Vest as part of the club membership. Style attribute

If you plunge into the history of motorcycle culture, it turns out that vests are an integral part of them. The original meaning was not so much in protecting the body as in style and symbolism. At every self-respecting club, we see a set of insignia, usually on vests. This is a story, many people still adhere to it. Modern clubs try to match the style, it is still easy to find bikers on the roads, on the stripes of which you can read the belonging to the group.

Someone does not wear distinctive signs, but sincerely respects leather vests, as a tribute to motorcycle culture, an attribute of style, or just a combination of practicality and convenience. Vests in style are most often leather or textile, the main distinguishing feature is the stripes themselves, which will be the same for the club’s supporters. Look at any biker club that exists or is now a thing of the past, they always have motorcycle vests and patches.

By the way, fans of sports bikes in their clubs do not refuse vests either. Are you following Blasting Mike? Have you seen the Vzryvnykh club motorcycle vests? Here’s another bonus for your motorcycle jackets!

Motorcycle vests are a piece of equipment that is still actively made by hand. Now you will not find a handmade helmet made to order, but a leather motorcycle vest is often ordered according to the principle of “handmade – a single copy”.

Warm weather gear and passive protection

In the summer, many motorcyclists refuse to wear equipment because of the heat, they only wear a helmet, and a turtle with gloves, perforated jackets are also good. Motorcycle vests are used because they do not hinder movement, and when the weather resembles a morning in the Sahara and the soul requires something lighter, vests are combined with elbow pads.

The danger of using motorcycle vests is side falls. They do not have hand protection, which is why the elbow, shoulder joints and skin are most affected when falling on their side.

A motorcycle vest can have protective inserts, a corset structure, or consist entirely of shields, like protective vests. In any case, a motorcycle vest protects a person’s torso, chest and back.

About passive protection – we must not forget about reflective elements. Most textile motorcycle vests have these inserts. Bright colors, an abundance of reflective stripes make the motorcyclist noticeable on the road in conditions of rain, fog, twilight. Reflective vests don’t look as stylish as brutal leather vests and are neglected for that. But their goal is not to make you a photo model, but to give other road users an extra chance to notice you on the road before the accident.

If you are traveling in a reflective vest, keep in mind that wearing a backpack limits reflective properties. In bad weather, it makes sense to attach the backpack to the motorcycle seat so that the vest reflects your back as much as possible.

The convenience of use

In addition to freedom of movement, it should be noted that motorcycle vests have convenient pockets. Why waste precious time digging in a backpack that still needs to be removed, when all the most important can be distributed in the pockets of a motorcycle vest? Likewise, traveling light, why take a backpack for the sake of one wallet and documents, there is a motorcycle vest!

Textile vests have a lining, usually perforated. Secure zippers, extra stitching and adjustable straps. A motorcycle vest should fit your body if worn over clothing or even a jacket. It is necessary to fix the motorcycle vest according to the figure so that it does not develop in the wind like a parachute behind your back from wind resistance, which will definitely cause you inconvenience.

Motorcycle vests are:

  • Protective
  • Reflective
  • Textile
  • Leather

Speaking of safety vests, they can be worn under a jacket. It is logical that you will wear a reflective vest over clothes, a hammer or a turtle. A protective vest can be used under a jersey or a jacket, the more tightly the protective vest fits to the body, the more efficiently it will work. In fact, he has a meaning like a turtle, only without hand protection.

Everyone chooses a motorcycle vest that suits their lifestyle. There are refined options, such as:

  • heated vests
  • cooling vests
  • air cushion vests

These are models that are narrow in distribution, reviews for which are very different, except that the air cushion pleases motorcycle riders of the sporting direction, and cooling and warming vests are tested by motorcycle tourists.

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