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Motozyma 2018 – exhibition overview

I must admit right away that this exhibition was much more modest than the previous ones, which caused different responses among the audience. Although, in general, it differed from the previous ones in its special aftertaste. But more on that in order.

November 2 – exhibition opening

It is considered a “business day” for the reason that Friday is a working day for most of the townspeople, which means that the main flow of visitors will appear in the late afternoon. But the representatives of the motorcycle industry, who also came to the exhibition “for work”, have an excellent chance to calmly communicate with the participants. For the same reason, I came to the beginning to see everything without fuss.

The last exhibition was a huge pavilion, this time it is divided into two much more modest parts. At the entrance to the main pavilion, I met him … M-80 (Gorky Motorcycle Plant, 1946!) For road-ring races, restoration by master Shamansky. I, like any nerd, gravitate towards retro and it was impossible to pass by this guy. He glittered so cunningly with chrome, but the presenter had already announced the opening of the exhibition. On the main stage, the organizers cut a symbolic ribbon.

Participants of previous exhibitions met among the stands, some came for the first time, but many were not enough. I wanted to see more production motorcycles. If you pay attention to the brand, then three representatives caught the eye:

BMW – firstly, equipment from this company was raffled off as a prize, which was constantly reminded by the host and in different corners of the pavilion you could hear BMW-BMW-BMW! Secondly, here and there, at different participants, we see the GS1200. The most popular motorcycle at the show, deservedly so.

KTM is a well-made platform that presents an off-road line. A worthy offer for those who do not plan to stay at home in the winter. No other was expected from KTM, they are always presented well.

And suddenly Indian! Here is my personal opinion, which of course I will substantiate. Previously, Indian was perceived as a kind of relic in the likeness of a philosopher’s stone, something insanely beautiful and distant. Since the company’s renaissance, these bikes have been talked about excitedly, “they are already here, among us.” A minibus with the Indian logo stood in front of the pavilions, and the one who was brought in this carriage could be seen in evil with a retro exhibition. Indian patches were in demand. While I was looking for one on my jacket, someone was already buying Indian stripes, and the consultant was surprised, “Do you have someone who is fond of this brand? Have you heard that they have opened their salon in Moscow? “

Against the background of the idea of ​​customization and retro – Indian fit perfectly.

Where does this taste of customization come from? On the first day there was a presentation of the Discovery Channel film “Biarritz: Russian Custom in Europe”. Did you know that 3 motorcycles based on the Urals represented the country at an international festival led by the five-time Russian customizing champion? After the show, the excitement around the participants instantly increased, because the site is not just a decoration, but the acting stars of the show. The film itself was shot amazingly beautifully, with a touch of humor and feedback from each person – without embellishment, as it is.

November 3 – the most crowded part of the event

A busy day with meetings with collectors, customizers and pilots, an autograph session, awards and a presentation of Klim equipment.

Racing fans got the opportunity to meet their idols. In addition to the top pilots announced by the organizers, no less famous participants and bloggers appeared in the hall. So, for example, fans of Dakar races met with an excellent pilot Anastasia Nifontova.

From bloggers: “Bolt” was easier to catch on the first day. By the way, his motorcycle is difficult to confuse with others, although he was standing in the distance. But on Saturday our beloved Explosive Mike appeared. By the way, Mike’s subscribers were happy to buy tickets to the exhibition using a promo code, that’s where the presents for satisfied fans are! If you are not subscribed to it, then in vain.

In terms of equipment, the Klim site is organized as well as the KTM. I loved their new motocross helmet. The essence of the development lies in the partial displacement of the lower layer of protection relative to the upper one. In other words: at the moment of an accident / fall, due to the mobility of the structure, the impact itself is blurred, slipping, even passing slightly tangentially. This is probably the only innovation among the means of protection that really interested. But I must admit, initially this feature of the helmet was a little alarming. Other items of equipment at the exhibition were already familiar.

November 4 – closing of the exhibition

Passions subsided again, awards and summing up followed, a snowmobile school, plus a story about the M-80, which I loved so much (the first Soviet motorcycle for road-ring races).

What else could you see at the exhibition?

The second pavilion lived its atmospheric life largely due to retro and artists. The collection of the Polytechnic Museum, against the backdrop of talks about customizing and meetings with collectors, was perfectly in the subject. In the hall with the exhibits, photographers were constantly running (but what a sin, on the first day there was almost a queue for each motorcycle), there were artists right there. One or two people drew right between the counters without being embarrassed by the audience. On the stairs of the second floor, like a thick hint that you can climb, the same BMW GS1200 was tied (is it again?). Here, paintings lined the perimeter, artists painted here too. Along the walls there are stands for motorcycle tourism.

The general idea of ​​the exhibition boiled down to customizing and retro. On the one hand, the goal of Motozyima is to inspire people for winter exploits, take a snowmobile or ride in the snow for adventure. On the other hand, this time, by itself, there appears nostalgia for the time when you dreamed of assembling your own bike or puzzledly turned the parasitic gear from the checkpoint in your hands to find a place for it between the primary, secondary and intermediate shafts.

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