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Muscles ache when riding a motorcycle, what should I do?

At the beginning of the season, among complaints about problems with the condition of the motorcycle, about insurance or having become small equipment, there is often talk that the body is out of the habit of riding a motorcycle. We are not talking about motor skills, which is also forgotten without training. We are talking about the general state of the body. People who do not physically burden themselves in winter, at the beginning of the season suddenly realize that after the first trip, their backs become very numb or their legs hurt.

In general, if you conduct an overview of the most vulnerable muscles in a motorcyclist, it turns out that it is the back, neck and legs that hurt the most. The back hurts due to the landing, which is often not the most comfortable for the pilot, especially on sportbikes. The neck hurts due to wind resistance regardless of the motorcycle class. The question is, what position do you occupy when your speed increases? If you are not huddled against the bike or hiding behind the windshield, then it is logical that the wind resistance will be stronger. This means that your neck will strain too much, in the morning or in the evening a portion of pulling pain is provided to you. Legs, accustomed to stress and having one of the largest muscles, without mobility begin to ache and numb.

What to do when muscles ache and become numb?


General physical training means General Physical Fitness. A motorcyclist is more active than a motorist and physically more resilient, since you have to move the motorcycle in the parking lot, lift it if it falls, keep balance and control it in turns with your whole body. Consequently, the more attention you pay to your personal training, the easier it will be for you to handle the weight of the motorcycle. In trained people, the muscles are accustomed to stress, so they react to the opening of the season much easier.

Don’t throw yourself in the off-season and winter.

Stop exercises


Stop when you feel tired. Due to the fact that you move a little, the blood in the body circulates more slowly, which makes you feel “wadded”, lethargic, and tired. The body literally requires movement, you start to fidget and get distracted from the road to your well-being. Sometimes it even makes you sleepy.

The most common and successful way to cheer up is to squat. Yes, this is not easy to do with any outfit. But nothing better than squats will accelerate your blood and tone your muscles at the same time.

Squats are used not only in moments of muscle pain, swelling, but also in the case of fighting drowsiness.


Light jumps in place – shaking the stiff body. After a long ride, the body asks for dynamics, if it is not convenient to do squats, jumping on the spot is not a bad alternative. The excuse that passers-by will look at you as a fool does not work. After all, who’s the body is numb, yours or theirs? Ideally, squat with jumping at all. Let’s do a good squat and, at the end, symbolically jump in place ten times in order to finally wake up and warm up. Do not think about the attention of pedestrians, it is not they who have been sitting in one position for so long, balancing at cruising speed.


Twisting exercises are used for the back. You simply turn from side to side, twisting in the body. Thus, the muscles again receive the dynamics they need. Start with a slow curl. There are those who like to turn sharply at once, to a crunch in the joints and torn seams in the equipment, and then groan from the intensified pain. If you want to add more amplitude and speed to the body, the first few movements should still be gentle.

Stretching, stretching

Stretching is extremely useful when you are tired and aching muscles clogged from long trips. If you play sports, it makes some sense to add a stretching section to your activities. Stretching and bending will be good for your stiff backs. Even a quick stretch in a short five minute stop makes you feel better. Please note that sometimes, even just with working muscle fatigue, the body requires these banal exercises.


If your body hurts too much after long travel or early in the season, you can see a massage therapist to work out your clogged muscles. Massage is often called an exercise for the lazy, because it quite effectively affects the human body. A good help at the beginning and the height of the season against body aches.

Regarding massage, please note that when your muscles become numb from a long ride, you yourself begin to rub them. When my hands are tired or my knees ache, especially when the neck is inflated, the pilots themselves, without noticing it, massage themselves, rubbing their muscles. I went out at the gas station, took off my helmet, but my hand no-no, but reaches for the neck to relieve tension.

Driving conditions

Check your fit. If your body hurts too much, it complains that it is uncomfortable at all. When the body is uncomfortable, it becomes numb faster and naturally hurts. Before dealing with the elimination of pain, you need to understand why it appears. Are you just unaccustomed to a long ride?

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