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MV Agusta and QJ Motor partnership

The recent announcement of a Benelli-branded four-cylinder engine has sparked obvious interest and questions. And the main one is where will this engine be installed? But nothing is known about this yet. And here is another news from the same announcement, announced then at the level of rumors, was finally confirmed: Benelli will indeed work with another Italian brand, MV Agusta.

On September 19, the renowned motorcycle manufacturer announced a strategic partnership with Benelli’s parent company, QJ Motor Company. As part of this partnership, QJ will distribute MV Agusta products in China.

MV Agusta and QJ Motor partnership

QJ Motor is a very serious player in the motorcycle market. In particular, they, in cooperation with Harley Davidson, produce a small-sized motorcycle of an American brand for the Chinese market (read more here), and also own several brands, the largest and most famous of which is Benelli. On the Russian market, the company’s products are presented under the Stels brand, and on the world market – under several other names, under which QJ (this is an abbreviation for QianJiang, the company is also known under this name) produces scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, minibikes. QJ Motor is a subsidiary of Geely, which now owns Volvo and Polestar. In other words, this is a very serious deal with a serious brand, and according to MV Agusta

In the subsequent stages of the partnership, we will be engaged in joint development on the production front, and we are currently defining the scope of this cooperation.

I am very pleased with our cooperation with QJ and the second phase of our expansion to the Chinese market, carried out thanks to it, – said Timur Sardarov, Chief Executive Officer of MV Agusta.

This is a very ambitious long-term partnership that will make MV Agusta the number one premium Italian motorcycle brand in the Chinese market for the next five years. QJ is one of the world’s leading players in terms of scale, market presence and quality standards, and I am confident that with such a reliable partner we will achieve and possibly exceed all of our business goals. We are also developing a critical manufacturing partnership that will be announced shortly.

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