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MV Agusta prepares for MotoGP

During 2020, MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov talked a lot about the development of upcoming models, for example, about the updated F3, scheduled for 2021. The new F4 is also in the works, but in June 2020 Sardarov stressed that it should not be expected until 2024 or 25.

And these are just some of the plans that Timur outlined last year. Among other things, he also talked about the upcoming electric motorcycles and tourenduros. Plus, don’t forget that in 2019 MVs returned to the racing world with Moto2 and have continued to develop a motorcycle for the race ever since. In short, a lot can be said about MV Agusta, but it would be unfair to reproach them for laziness.

Ambition MV Agusta

However, it turns out that Timur Sardarov has more ambitious ambitions for MV Agusta than simply conquering Moto2. In a recent interview, Sardarov set fairly reasonable goals for 2021. He stated that the MV Forward Racing team has progressed quite successfully during the first two years of racing, but now they are aiming to hit the podium for the first time. Sounds like a good plan.

According to Sardarov, what the team will learn while participating in Moto2 is “A lesson learned at the pinnacle of international motorcycle racing”… In response to speculation about MV Agusta’s participation in Moto3, Sardarov stressed that “We don’t have a motorcycle for Moto3. MotoGP is the path we have to go. But first, our company needs to learn Moto2, and then, during this decade, start MotoGP.”

Well, the decade has just begun, which means MV Agusta has nine years of exploring, growing, changing and creating a MotoGP strategy, if you stick to the announced schedule. But schedules are delicate, and circumstances change. Nine years is a long time, but now is just the beginning. In any case, let’s wait and see what happens there by the end.

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