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MV Agusta Worldwide Sales Q3 2020

MV Agusta Worldwide Sales Q3 2020

MV Agusta’s global sales rose 36.6% in September, reinforcing its 2020 results. In the first 9 months of 2020, the trend was generally positive, with global sales of 2,333 units, up 6.7 percent from last year’s result for the same period. However, the speed of the company’s development is far from the tasks set last year.

MV Agusta World Sales 2020

The sales performance of the company’s products in recent years reflects the company’s problems, but provides the new owner with the opportunity for rapid growth. In the current decade, sales peaked in 2015 with 6,476 units, and then a decline followed, and in 2019, sales were only 2,455 units. Then the Sardarov family acquired the company and proceeded to reorganize, outlining a growth plan. Sales of the brand’s products are currently focused on the European market, providing open opportunities in North America, China and Southeast Asia.

Of course, the coronavirus crisis did not go unnoticed for the company – the plans were violated, and the implementation of the tasks of restoring normal sales volumes was postponed, and the injection of funds by the new owner has so far had only a marginal effect. But, in the first 9 months of 2020, sales showed growth and amounted to 2333 units worldwide. The growth was 6.7 percent, in stark contrast to the 10.2 percent drop in the first half.

In the most relevant region (Western Europe), sales are growing even faster (20.7%), while the rest of the world markets, except Latin America, are falling. In Latin America, Argentina made a positive trend, showing an increase of 55%.

In September, sales accelerated (+ 36.6% versus the same month last year) thanks to strong growth in Germany (+ 175%), Italy (+ 107%), Sweden (80.7%) and Switzerland (+57.4 %).

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