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Neuron from Bajaj. New model, new technology, or what?

Neuron by Bajaj

News that major Indian manufacturer Bajaj has registered a trademark “Neuron” – Neuron – sounded in many media, and each had its own hypothesis about what we should expect from the Indians. Let’s discuss the two most popular versions.

With the recent announcement of the Honda H’ness CB350 to the Indian market, the idea emerged that Bajaj is preparing its answer – a retro classic up to 400cc.

Neuron by Bajaj

In general, there are quite a few models in the Bajaj line in this displacement range, and the closest in style are the two models called the Bajaj Avenger. Avenger Cruise 220 and Street 160 (Street 220 is also supplied to foreign markets) could be a worthy answer to the new product from Honda, minus the cubic capacity. And most importantly, there have been rumors for a long time about the appearance of a more cubature version, since exactly the same thing happened with other 220 cc models. The Neuron 350 may turn out to be another model – but why change the name then?

Perhaps we are talking about a new model (or line), which could become quite good competitors for the Royal Enfield, but so far this is just idle speculation.

Another popular hypothesis is that Neuron is not a motorcycle name at all. Indian manufacturers are leaps and bounds to digitize their technology – so, the same Avenger 3 years ago were equipped with carburetors and an analog dashboard, and the new versions have an injection power system and digital devices. And Suzuki India, for example, only recently presented to the world their brand new Bluetooth display for two current models, and they considered this news a worthy occasion for a couple of teasers some time before publication. The Neuron name could well mean something clever, or some form of communication, for the upcoming Bajaj motorcycle models. If so, the new technology will soon appear on the Dominar, Avenger or Pulsar.

It was also noticed that Bajaj refers to its motorcycles with words ending in “r” – and if this is true, then Neuron should not become the name of a new model. There is also Bajaj Chetak, but this is a scooter that, moreover, will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary since the first release, so its name can not be taken into account. True, the Electro-Chetak has already gone on sale in January, but perhaps another model will be released on its basis under a new name?

The best part about our situation is that sooner or later we will find out everything anyway. It remains only to be patient and wait a little. And we wish Bajaj good luck with the execution of plans and the release of new models.

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