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New brand from Harley Davidson. Details

Harley Davidson is releasing LiveWire to free float. The idea is that the name chosen by HD for their first electric bike will become an independent brand under which electric motorcycles will be produced. Especially the representative of the company emphasized that not only the model already known to us will be produced under this brand.


The first LiveWire-branded motorcycle will be unveiled on July 8th, right before its launch at the Irvine, California International Motor Show.

Separating LiveWire into a separate brand is one of the tenets of the five-year Hardwire strategic plan adopted by Harley Davidson earlier this year (you can read how the Rewire ended and the Hardwire strategy began here). As an independent division, LiveWire will have full autonomy in the development of electric vehicles, not depending on Harley Davidson and its gasoline models (most likely, the disappearance of electric concepts from the HD office site at the beginning of this year is connected with the isolation of LiveWire).

One of the six pillars of The Hardwire’s strategy is the EV leadership we plan to achieve by making LiveWire a pure electric brand, taking the lead and defining the electric motorcycle market, ”said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO, Harley Davidson. On a mission to become the most coveted electric motorcycle brand in the world, LiveWire will be the first to enter the future of motorcycles. LiveWire also plans to create and develop technologies that will be applicable to Harley Davidson electric motorcycles in the future.

According to Harley Davidson, this will provide an opportunity “more flexible decision making and execution and external partnerships for future developments”… LiveWire will be able to evolve electric drive technology independently of Harley Davidson, while not losing the ability to draw on HD resources in terms of engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics infrastructure.

LiveWire is an independent brand

In addition to the new logo, LiveWire will receive separate showrooms for electric vehicles at several dealerships, most notably in California. In addition, LiveWire will work with participating Harley Davidson dealers as an independent brand, combining digital and physical sales.

New brand from Harley Davidson.  Details

It will be curious to know what the name of the motorcycle, which is now known under the name LiveWire, will be called – whether it will receive a new name, some kind of index, or for example the definite article The. In English, The LiveWire means something like “THE MOST LiveWire” – and any English speaker will understand such a name, but Harley loves hard-to-translate and meaningful names. In the meantime, the brand’s new website features an image of a black LiveWire with a new brand logo on a false tank, but the letters HD or their characteristic shield-and-bar are missing on it. On the brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages, the same model appears in a new white color.

It is not yet known what other products this brand will produce – for example, whether the previous Harley electric concepts will be transferred to it. We will wait for the presentation on July 8!

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